Turks and Caicos Beach Getaway Review

This Turks and Caicos beach trip was very special to me because it was our first kid-free vacation in a LONG time! I’ll admit I’ve said this before, but this time we did not go with any friends either! It was just me and my husband, Rick, on a romantic beach getaway! With 5 kids, our lives can always be on the go, and this vacation was a time we could just stop and enjoy the moments alone.


I was warned before going that the flight into Turks and Caicos would not be that bad, but leaving would be a bit trickier. On our flight in, we ended up having to sit on the plane on the tarmac for an hour before departing, but it wasn’t too bad since we didn’t have our kids with us. The flight back was a different story. The airport was small and was a bit crowded. Please note that there is no TSA PreCheck, so make sure you schedule for that!


We stayed at the Wymara Resort + Villas in Turks and Caicos. I wouldn’t quite say that it was a boutique hotel, but definitely not a large one, and it was not all-inclusive. We stayed in one of their suites, which was very spacious and had a beautiful ocean view. I loved waking up to it every day! For people who need more room or privacy they also offer villas.

I will say as soon as you walk on the property, you feel like you are in beach paradise! They had a nice pool and bar that was enclosed in the property which helped block some of the wind, making the weather feel nice and warm.

Food and Drinks

If you are looking for various food options, the Wymara resort only has one restaurant and one beach restaurant. They did host a special BBQ party with live music, which we attended on our second night there. The food was delicious, and the atmosphere was fun, but I wish I remembered to bring a jacket because it was really cold once the sun went down.
One of our favorite places to eat was Magnolia. Their steak was excellent! Rick and I wish we would have gone during the sunset. I know the views would have been amazing, and that would have made it perfect!
As far as drinks, Rick and I were obsessed with the Rum Punch; it was our signature drink for the entire vacation. I like my drinks to have a good alcohol-to-juice balance, and these were a 5/5, in my opinion!


Since this was a kid-free getaway, we did not want to book our schedules fully to the point we didn’t have time to relax. With that being said, we did do at least one excursion a day! We started with parasailing, and that was really fun until I got motion sickness towards the end. The next day, we went horseback riding on the beach, and it was the best time! A definite 5/5 rating! We also went jet skiing, but the water was very choppy, so I did not have my Baywatch moment. We had to end the trip with a couples massage; the masseuses were great; however, I felt the entire service was a bit overpriced.

Overall, the trip was exactly what Rick and I needed! We had time to spend as a couple and prioritize our relationship. One very important thing to note is to make sure you keep an eye on the weather during the time you would like to book your trip. I really wish it would have been just a bit warmer. We did not get to spend a lot of time on the beach because of the cold ocean breeze. Even our outside dinners felt a little chilly. If you go during this time of year, the end of February, make sure to pack some warmer clothes or a small blanket. I am so excited to see where our next getaway will be too!

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  1. I have been a supporter of you & your family for several years now, sooooo here for the continued love, family fun and living life to the fullest!!!!