Packing for a beach vacation in February can be humbling and overwhelming, since our swimsuits, cover-ups, and dresses haven’t seen the light of day in over 6 months. When prepping for our Trucks and Caicos trip, I shopped for good quality pieces that wouldn’t break the bank and would be a summer staple this upcoming year. I’ve included links with all of my favorite vacation outfits, and accessories to make it easier for you when you’re shopping for your upcoming spring break or summer wardrobe!


Swimsuits can be a tricky clothing category to shop for. I love a good one-piece, and I’m not typically a two-piece swimsuit wearer. However, I told myself I would find a two-piece suit I really liked and that made me feel confident. This pink swimsuit did just that! Don’t be afraid to try on something you typically wouldn’t go for. Experiment with different styles, and choose what makes you feel beautiful and confident.

Cover Ups

When shopping for cover-ups, my mind always goes to the versatility of the colors and style. Will it match several of my swimsuits? Will it be in style for at least a year or two? These cover-ups ended up being perfect for this trip because of their coloring and shape. Spring break is the perfect time to find staple pieces that you will wear all summer and into fall.

Tropical Outfits

Despite Turks and Caicos being cooler at night with the wind blowing off of the water, these tropical outfits were perfect for the trip and easy to layer on top. I love playing with color in general, but wearing bright neon colors at the beach is the best. Shop all of these looks above for your upcoming beach travels.


I have the most fun shopping for vacation shoes because I know that I can fit a few more pairs than on a normal trip since they’re slim and easy to pack. I packed everything from my favorite Gucci sandals to the most comfortable Target mules, and they all serve their purpose. Don’t forget to pack some walking sneakers for the long days of adventure. Your feet will thank you later!

Some of my favorite pieces are investments I have purchased over the years, and they last the mile. Go through your closet and try on all of your last year’s favorites before investing in new pieces! The most important thing is to enjoy your trip and buy vacation outfits in which you will feel confident and strong!