Cameron’s bedroom makeover and room reveal is finally here! He is now 16, in high school and just got his driver’s license. Since we moved into our new house it was time to upgrade his room. What better way to get this project done than to partner with Pottery Barn Teen!

Cam’s previous room was an absolute dream and he enjoyed it very much! With him now older, we wanted a room that fit his personality and maturity. After all this will be the room he will have for the next few years as he enters adulthood (insert mom tears!).

Teen boys are hard to shop for in general, and even more when you’re creating a new bedroom. We decided to do an industrial sports theme.

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Sharing some Key Elements to Include in your Teen Bedroom Makeover:

Upon Entrance

As soon as you come into his room you are greeted with an eye-catching Football Vintage Framed Art. It is a piece that really stuck out to us and have turned into a great area to hang his keys or jackets since we put a shelf with hooks right under it.

Bedding Selections

Cameron’s previous bedroom bedding was perfect for his age at the time. His last bed frame was very durable and lasted many years! This time around, we got him another durable bed that we know will last many more years. As he has gotten older, we wanted bedding that still reflects his personality but in a more mature, subtle way. These striped bed sheets are perfect for just that! The contrast of the colors complements each other as well as the room in its entirety.

Work Space

As a busy teen in high school with lots of school work, we wanted to be sure to give him the tools for success! This desk was not only perfect because of its beauty and various storage components but also because of its size and ability to fit anywhere in the room. It’s a wall desk, so it doesn’t take up as much room as your typical table desk. We also had to make sure the chair he sat on would bring comfort to him during those long study hours. This chair is the perfect addition that brings comfort and style.


As Cameron has gotten older, he enjoys clothes more and more. To keep up with it all, we made sure to get a dresser with plenty of drawer storage. A dresser is a big component of a bedroom, and we feel this one ties in with the overall aesthetic really well.

Add Personalization

I always love personalization in kids’ rooms. A great way to allow Cameron to express himself through his bedroom decor was by getting these Industrial Metal Shelvings that he could fill up!


What is a teen room without a bean bag! This faux-suede lounge does a great job of maintaining the kid factor but in a mature, stylish way. It’s very comfortable and great for when friends are over!

Another key piece to his room is the Stitch Woven Rug. The color and texture of the rug really tie everything in. It adds a cozy and stylish touch to the room, completing the overall look and feel of Cameron’s space

I am so grateful I had the opportunity to work with Pottery Barn Teen to bring the vision for my teen bedroom makeover together once again. It gave us the perfect balance of young adult and youth!