Home Coffee Bar Setup

I wouldn’t call myself a coffee enthusiast, but I am a coffee lover for sure! Who loves coffee more than me in our home? Definitely my husband, Rick! Considering this, we wanted to make we had our perfect home coffee bar setup! I am in love with the way it turned out! 

The Setup

When setting up our coffee bar, I knew I had limited space to work with. Luckily, I found this 3-tier countertop organizer, and it was the perfect size and could store so much on it! I was able to fit 4 17 oz-sized coffee syrup dispensers very neatly on the top row. I fit 4 glass cups with lids and straws on the second row for my iced coffees! And on the bottom row fit 4 beautiful Tile Margot Monogram Mugs from Anthropology

Rick and I love to put different toppings on our coffee, so when I found this seasoning box, I couldn’t pass it by! It comes with little spoons to scoop your spices and lids to keep everything fresh.

I believe there can’t be a coffee bar without a cookie jar that goes with it! I purchased this 4-pack of clear jars and used the big one to store our cookies.

Nothing tastes better than freshly ground coffee beans. To make sure our coffee beans stayed fresh as long as possible, I purchased a glass airtight lid container to store them. Not only does it work really well, it ties everything together and looks very luxurious, really creating that coffee bar setup aesthetic.

The goal for 2024 is to get my house organized efficiently as possible! What project should I work on next?

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