If you have been with us for many years, you will recognize this system of how I organize a linen closet. It is a project that I love to do and have created a trustworthy system that works amazingly for my home. The organization bins have survived many years with us, and the steps are simple!

Purge and Clean

Like the start of any great project, the first thing I like to do is to pull everything out and begin to go through what I have been hoarding. This is the perfect time to assess what you have, need, and can throw away. I like to then take my damp duster and wipe everything down. Got to make sure we are starting with a clean surface!


With everything already out, now you can put all of your favorite items together in piles. This will help you get a clear picture of how much storage you will need.

Product Selection

I like to keep this step simple! My Water Hyacinth Baskets are from many years ago and are still in great condition! For this linen closet, we needed space for extra medicine so I purchased a lazy susan, and it is working so well! I also used the White Nordic Baskets to store our extra toiletries. They are very spacious and aesthetically probably my favorite.


Now it is time to fill up the baskets and begin to place them back into the closet. I like to start by working from the bottom to the top. One rule I always follow is to make my organization symmetrical. This brings balance to the space and makes the closet aesthetically look more cohesive. When you are assessing how you will arrange everything, keep in mind accessibility! If you prefer, you can draw out a template, but I like just putting the pieces of the puzzle together as I go.


When I organize, I like to label my containers to help me remember what is in them. Things get moved around all the time, so I like to know what exactly is in my storage bins. I really like these clip-on name tags because they are very easy to install and can be renamed at any time.

The hardest part about being organized is to stay organized! Once you put in the time to organize your linen closet, make an effort to keep up with it. I like to go back weekly through my past organization projects and make sure it is still arranged correctly. This helps me out so much in the long run!

I hope this organization system helps you just as much as it has helped me over the years. Let me know if you try it out or what home project I should work on next!