Summer break is here! School is out and 3 months with the boys at home. About a month before school gets out I like to make our summer calendar to ensure we have a productive, fun, and full of adventure.  The last thing I want to hear is “Mommy I’m bored” so I prepared the summer calendar so none of the boys can even think about being bored. I also set the expectation that while we are going to have a ton of fun we will put in some enrichment work to prepare us for the next school year. 

Shop the boys looks

Cameron: ChambrayT-ShirtShorts 
Calvin: T-ShirtShortsSandals – Sunglasses
Cyrus: ShirtShorts – Socks – Shoes – Hat 

Stumped on how to keep your kids busy for the summer? Here are some ideas based on what I have on the horizon for my boys.


  • Learning Workbooks The boys in the school year regularly work on their workbooks.  Summer is wear we stress it even more.  Daily they have to work on about 5 pages in their workbook to keep developing them academically.
  • Instrument Lessons – Random fact about me. I played the piano from the time I was 3 until high school.  We want Cameron to try out an instrument as it will be great for his development.
  • Daily Reading
  • Arts and Crafts – Each week the boys will work on a different craft and/or experiment.  We simply Google an activity I believe is suitable for them, and help them complete it.
  • Kumon – We are enrolling the boys into Kumon.  Just as some added practice to help develop them.
  • Robotics Camp – Not only do we put Cam in Athletic camps its important to also do some athletic camps that help challenge him.
  • Weekly Library Trips
  • Go to the Museum


  • Sports camps – Both boys are participating in various sport camps.  We found ours through our local city’s rec and their club teams they participate in.
  • Swimming – We live in a new home community and our pool opens up in 12 days and we could be any more excited.  We will be living at the pool.
  • Water Balloon Fights
  • Summer sport leagues – Calvin starts indoor soccer and both will be doing swimming lessons. 
  • 4th of July Fun 
  • Video Game play – Of course with guidelines. 
  • Water Parks on Repeat
  • Visit from Grandparents – Every Summer we fly their Papa (my Dad) down for 10 days.  The boys love my dad, he plays with them until they pass out.  Also work with them on enrichment activities to prepare them for the upcoming year.
  • Playdates and Sleepovers 
  • Vacation Bible School 
  • Water Balloon Fights

On the Move

Whether it is getting the boy out the house to get some exercise or traveling we are constantly on the go during the summer.  
  • Go camping – we will be taking a weekend trip to a local campground call Jellystone park. So excited to give our boys this experienceTrip to the Zoo
  • Ride Bikes – Every day in the morning and as the sun is starting to set I make sure the boys go on bike rides around the neighborhood.
  • Rollerblading – This is a work in process for our boys.  Neither are spectacular but with practice it will only get better.
  • Drive-in Movie
  • Weekend getaway to amusement park
  • Trip to Paradise  
  • Family walks – We love getting in quality time as a family taking stroll around our neighborhood.
  • Summer camp – Cameron will be going on his 2nd year with our church to a week long camp.  He is talking about it none stop and it is not until July. 

With Summer season almost here, we are in full blown Summer wear.  I never keep it a secret that shopping for boys clothing is not as easy as girls.  One of my favorite places to shop for the boys is Gymboree.  I love for the boys clothing to be fun, colorful, and most importantly durable.  If it isn’t durable I am seeing holes in their clothes left and right.  

Thanks to Gymboree the boys are all set with their gear from Gymboree‘s Summer collection.  It is the perfect style for my boys!  I have a 10, 4, and 6 month old so it is always a major plus when I can get each of their clothes from the same store. I know it is a mom victory when my 10 year old asks to take a picture by himself wearing the clothes, because he actually likes them!

What are your plans for the Summer? I would love to get more ideas!

*Thank you Gymboree for Sponsoring this post.  As always all thoughts and opinions are my own.