I was solely a boy mom for 15 years, until 2022 when Cece came into our lives and took it up multiple notches! Suddenly, I wasn’t the only girl in our all-boys household! We were not ready for all the spice that Cece brought into our life, but we wouldn’t have it any other way. She is the perfect piece to complete our family puzzle.

After years of being a boy mom, I really thought I had this parenting thing down. Sure, I anticipated some differences, but I never expected Cece to make me question my own parenting skills, haha! This little girl has shown me a whole new world of motherhood.

I’m often asked about the biggest difference between being a boy and girl mom. The major difference I’ve realized is just how spicy Cece is! I am definitely used to rowdy boys, but Cece brings all the sass! I had never experienced some of the things I see from Cece from my boys. Like how she gets into my makeup bag, or tries on my heels and steals my purses. She is a firecracker, and we never want to dim her light!

I also wasn’t prepared for how much of a daddy’s girl Cece would be. When it comes to Rick, I might as well be invisible! She gravitates towards him at every opportunity and their bond warms my heart. I am so happy to see how much she adores her father. Rick is the best girl dad, and I am grateful they have each other.

The hair process was a definitely whole new world for me- I was not used to having to carve out the time to do her hair. With boys it is so easy, there are no clips, bows, or complicated hairstyles. Adjusting our morning routine to accommodate her hair care was challenging at first, but we’ve found our groove. She did go through a phase where she didn’t want me doing her hair, but we have since gotten through it. Her hairstyles were a struggle for me at first, but with time and practice I have improved a lot, and I’m constantly learning new styles to try out on her hair. Plus, she looks so adorable with a bow!

To be honest, I’m still learning how to navigate being a girl mom, but I can’t imagine life any differently now. Cece came into our lives at the perfect moment, filling our boy home with lots of love and excitement. The boys adore her, and she has them wrapped around her little finger. I’m so excited to see how their relationships evolve in the years to come. We love you, Cece girl!