Being that I am 3 kids deep, keeping my diaper bag stocked is imperative for my success while out of the house.   Between each kid I need a diaper bag that will basically carry my life. I look for the perfect balance of functional, durable, and stylish.  When Cyrus arrived I had a black diaper bag (which I still have).  However, I felt majority of what I wear really made me need a for a brown diaper bag.  I just got my diaper bag from Lily Jade and its perfect, and holds everything I need. Quality leather that allows me to wear it 3 different ways, and has a pretty teal color on the inside. 

Cyrus: One Piece
o it is important that I am fully stocked.  Want to know how I have a successful outing with 3 kids in 3 different age range? I keep my diaper bag stocked with some of my major essentials. 
Change of Clothes:  I learned this the hard way by a massive blowout, and not having a change of clothes. Don’t let this be you! I normally keep an outfit in the diaper bag that may not be one of my favorites.  
Soothie Pacifier: Our pacifier of choice has always been a Soothie.  Each baby seems to latch onto them better, so we just stuck with them.  The downside to them is they are round, so if they hit the ground they roll.  We keep a couple in our diaper bag at all times.
Diapers: We keep about 6-7 diapers in our bag at a time.  You don’t want to always have to restock every time you leave for an outing.  
Eating essentials: Cyrus is eating baby food now, so I bring baby food, spoons, and bib.  Along with 2 bottles. 
Changing Pad: My diaper bag included a detachable one. 
Aquaphor: Cyrus’s skin gets dry so I keep this in one of the inside pockets for the one of the boys. 
Diaper Trash Bags:  There has been times where we changed a stinky diaper but didn’t have direct access to trash can.  We also use them for soiled clothes.  
Hand Sanitizer: I use Bath and Body works sanitizer. I stocked up during the Semi-Annual Sale.  With 3 kids they are bound to bring in some germs, we are constantly hand washing and when we can’t do that using hand sanitizer.
Stain Stick: I can’t count how many times I get stains on my shirts from the kids.  
Tissues:  I am mean is this even a question?
Burp Cloth:  Cyrus has 2 teeth and counting, so he has tons of drool.  Plus he is recovering from acid reflux, so does still spit up from time to time. 
Calvin: I keep a ziplock bag typically with a sippy cup, Gold fish, nutrigrain bar, and some fruit snacks. Oh and I cannot forget his Kindle Fire for kids.  Sidenote: I absolutely love the Kindle Fire kids tablet for Calvin’s age range!
Cam: He is pretty self sufficient.  HOWEVER, if I don’t come stocked with snacks and food I will have to keep stopping for food.  I found I was constantly spending money to take him around to get something to eat.  So now I pack snacks.  Then of course I have to bring his iPad.

Let’s be real, yes I do my best my best to have everything I need, but accidents will always happen. Mommin ain’t easy.
Glamorous Versatility + Lily Jade Giveaway 2018! Thank you to Lily Jade for gifting me an item. I am so grateful! All opinions, as always, are my own.