The end result of my spice drawer organization. This truly helped maximize counter space and made it easier for me to find spices.

In the spirit of Spring cleaning season arriving soon, I wanted to put this together in hope that it can help you keep your spice drawer organized and overall help keep your kitchen tidy! When we first moved into this house, one of my biggest goals was to keep my kitchen organized in a way that makes everything efficient and beautiful!

One area that always seemed to get messy quickly was my spice drawer. Understandably so! It’s a drawer I use every day when cooking for my family of seven. Whether I couldn’t find the spice I was looking for or had too many of one spice, I knew I couldn’t let that habit continue. So, I finally implemented an organization tactic that has truly helped me master my spice drawer.

Step One: Clear it all out

The first step in organizing my spice drawer was to empty it completely. I removed every spice and cooking utensil, setting them aside. Then, I used my cleaning spray and a rag to thoroughly wipe down every corner before proceeding to the next step.

Step Two: Organize your drawer space

I didn’t want my spices rolling around inside the drawer anymore, so I purchased these clear acrylic spice drawer organizers to keep them in place. Although they come in a set of eight, I only used six. You can overlap and adjust them to fit your space! I adjusted them to my drawer’s sizing, and they fit perfectly, leaving just enough space for my cooking utensil set on top.

Step Three: Transfer spices to glass jars

With the acrylic storage in place, I determined how much room I had for my spices. I bought two sets of glass spice jars that came with spice name stickers for labeling. These glass spice jars were great for smaller spices because the jar sifter holes are smaller and these glass spice jars were great for larger spices such as cinnamon sticks, because they are wider. This step took a bit longer because I made sure to wash all the jars before transferring the spices. Once clean and dry, I used the storage refiller included in this pack to transfer the spices. It was incredibly satisfying! As I filled the jars, I labeled each one with the respective spice name.

Step four: Arrange spices in the drawer

With all the spices now in their new glass jars, the final step was to place them in the drawer. I organized them in order of usage, placing the most frequently used spices towards the top. Finally, I positioned my cooking utensils at the top of the drawer and stored individual packet spices next to them!

Organizing my spice drawer not only looks aesthetically pleasing but also inspires me to cook more and try new recipes. Plus, I no longer accidentally buy duplicate spices! Having the spices conveniently located next to my stove top significantly improves efficiency in the kitchen. 

With my spice drawer, refrigerator, and freezer now organized, I can already feel a huge difference in my kitchen’s organization. I’m excited to tackle the next project, and I’ll be sure to keep you guys updated!