How To Organize Your Toddler’s Closet

Organizing my toddler’s closet, Cece, has been on my list since we moved into the house, and I have finally knocked it out. Because I am the one going in and choosing Cece’s outfits, I built out the closet in a way that made it quick and easy for me to go and grab the items I needed. With her shoes on the bottom shelves and her toys in the bottom bin, she can also easily access her favorite things.

Through the process, I made notes about what worked while organizing my toddler’s closet and what didn’t. Here’s how I did it:

Step One – Assess the layout of the closet

Cece’s closet is a great size, which makes my life easier. I sat back and took a mental inventory of the space, how many hanging racks we would need, where we could place bins, and how we were going to lay out what went in each drawer. It is important to consider the flow of your toddler’s closet based on the things you go to grab the most and what may be hard to reach or find. With a ton of hanging space and the fact that her clothes are still very small, I was able to hang most of her items.

Step Two – Sort 

Before you start hanging, folding, and placing clothes, make sure you sort through each category of clothing so you can see what you will need to organize. The categories I used are: Coats/Sweatshirts, Tees and Long Sleeves, Jeans/Pants, Skirts/Shorts, Socks/Underwear. After going through these, you will see which items you have the most and least of, which makes it easier to map out the organization of their closet. Organizing Cece’s shoes and socks was the most important step for me as those are things that are easy to get lazy with.

Step Three – Donate and Toss

Our kids grow out of clothes so quickly, and it doesn’t make any sense to keep things that don’t fit. I personally love the opportunity to purge and donate items that don’t fit any of our kids anymore. When organizing your toddler’s closet, you will find so many pieces that don’t have a purpose anymore and need to be removed. It will also free up a ton of hangers!

Step Four – Plan Ahead

In the past, we have had a problem with forgetting about clothes when we folded them up and tucked them in a drawer. To avoid that, we wanted to make sure everything was out in the open to see so that we made use of all of the clothing, which is why we went with the triple bar set up in the closet. Along with the hanging storage, I purchased these bins to go above the closet in the open space, as well as separate bins to go in the cubbies on the side. When you plan ahead, you can make sure to separate winter items from summer items and place them accordingly. I also placed extra bedding and accessories in these bins that I can grab if I need to.

Step Five – Assemble and Organize

Because you went through, sorted the clothes, took inventory, and then planned ahead, this should be the last and easiest step. With designated closet zones, you just need to put things on their hanger and in their respective bins. When it comes to the drawers, I bought drawer organizers for super small items like underwear and socks. For Cece’s diapers, I bought these gorgeous acrylic containers so that they’re organized, and I can easily see how many we have left. Be patient with the process because I know it can be easy to overthink where you’re hanging and placing everything. You can always go back and adjust if you find that you use or pull from certain places first or last.

Now that you have it organized, the hard part is keeping it that way! I try to do weekly organization in each of the kids’ rooms so that it never gets out of hand. Set aside a day to go in and put things where they belong so that it never gets out of hand.

Complete Product List to Organize Your Toddler’s Closet:

  • Honeycomb Drawer Organizer for Underwear
  • Canvas Bin
  • Rope Basket
  • Acrylic Nursery Storage
  • Plastic Storage Bins

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