Spring sports season is now here and in full swing! As a mom of 5 with multiple kids in sports, I’m constantly on the go between games and practices. My mom bag is a look for less version of the popular Bogg Bag. It is so cute, comes in 3 sizes and has an extra zipper pouch, but it is a fraction of the cost! I put a lot of thought into what exactly I need to have in my sports mom bag, and here are the 10 essential items I keep in there at all times:

  1. Bag dividers that can also attach horizontally to make a tray
  2. First aid kit that has everything you need for kids
  3. Hydrojug that is spill proof
  4. Water bottle with mister that comes in different sports patterns
  5. Snack bag that comes in a pack with different sizes
  6. Snack container that spins and holds up to 5 different snacks
  7. Portable charger that has a iPhone and USB-C charger
  8. Portable fan that’s compact and rechargeable
  9. Sunscreen in a roller for easy application on kids
  10. Blanket that has a soft side to sit on and durable side to put on the ground
  11. Travel cases for my hair ties and other small items
  12. Travel mini spray bottles that you can put bug spray or hand sanitizer in

In addition to these essentials, I also make sure to pack a few extras:

  1. Hand sanitizer
  2. Hair ties
  3. Tide pen
  4. Lysol spray
  5. Wet wipes

With these items on hand, I’m prepared for anything that comes our way during a busy day of sports activities! What do you have in your sports bag?