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We are down to less than 2 weeks until the due date, and it has been overdue to share what’s in my hospital bag.  Honestly, with moving just a month before we were pretty behind with packing our hospital bag.  To be honest I just completed it last week.

With this being our 4th child I really wanted to bring only what we needed.  I am chronically a team over packer, I can’t even lie. However, I was determined to only pack what we ACTUALLY used and want at the hospital.  When we had our first I didn’t know what to pack, I don’t honestly think I packed enough.  The 2nd and 3rd I over packed and didn’t use everything.

After having 3 previous hospital stays I think I finally know how the right amount to pack (I think).  I also got new bags that will fit everything we need so my husband want have to carry too many extra bags.  Last time I had 4-5 different things that Rick had to bring in.  Honestly it just wasn’t efficient.  I would recommend really packing strategically to limit the amount your partner will have to bring upstairs.

One thing to remember is you will likely forget something, and that is completely fine! Don’t stress the small stuff especially since you are bringing a human being into this world.

My checklist are items we have always used at each visit and items that I wanted to incorporate in our final hospital stay this time around.  At the end of the post I will have a downloaded checklist to make it easy for you to be able to make sure you have everything covered.

We are bringing one duffle bag and one carry-on rolling suitcase. I am carrying my toiletries in the Hollis bag and make up bag

Quick tip: In general, most hospitals will provide you all that you need for your baby’s needs and your postpartum needs.  I would not go overboard with packing items for that.  You will get diapers, wipes, pacifier, formula, and more.  You also will get everything you need to care for your body after you have the baby. I only recommend bringing items if there is something particular you want to use. 

I did pack for both myself and Rick, because if I didn’t pack for my husband he would probably arrive to the hotel with only socks. haha!

To give you another option for learning about what to pack in your suitcase you can also watch our latest Youtube video what I share exactly what is in my hospital bag.  You can watch it as you are laying out your items to help you visualize  While you are there don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE to our channel.

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Here’s what I have packed for our upcoming stay in the hospital.

For Mom:

Hospital Socks – Yes, you will get hospital socks when you arrive.  However, they aren’t that comfy.  I decided to get plush socks with grippers to make it more comfortable.

Hospital Gown – Completely Optional, and I wouldn’t recommend using when you are are delivering, but great for photo opportunities.

Slippers – I like being able to throw on slippers to walk around.  The hospital floors are always so cold.

Robe – After you have the baby you may want to have a robe to lounge in and move around the room.

Nightgown – I have never used a nightgown before, but bought one this time just to be cozier and to give me a break from the hospital gown.

Nursing Bra – Let’s get honest last time I never really wore a bra during my at the hospital.  It really wasn’t comfortable.  This time around I decided to bring a comfortable nursing bra.

Hair ties/Headbands/clips – The last thing you want while in labor is to have your hair down and in your face.  Bring something to pull your hair back to keep you comfortable.

Makeup – Putting on makeup will be nice when you want to take some memory pictures after giving birth.

Toiletries – Toothbrush, Face wash, body wash, lotion, tooth paste. etc.  I live having all of my favorites.

Going Home Outfit – Since I am having a baby in the summer I got a comfortable dress that I can go home in, and it is a nursing dress.

Postpartum Items – This is completely optional because the hospital will give you items.  However, Fridamom has a postpartum kit if you choose to bring your own.  I also am bringing a couple of depends so I don’t have to wear the mesh undies on the way home.

For Dad:

Comfortable Clothes – I packed 2 outfits for Rick we will be there for 2 days.

Pajamas – I did 1 pajama set he can wear both nights


Flip Flops – For the shower

Slippers – Rick wanted to have some slippers walking around the room last time

For Baby:

Swaddle Blanket – You will get plenty of blankets in the hospital for the baby but I wanted a personalized one that said his name for pictures. Bought mine from Etsy.

Breastfeeding Pillow – I have never brought one to the hospital but I actually wanted one while there because they normally just prop up pillows.  I wanted to have my Boppy so I could get used to feeding like it will be at home.

Coming Home Outfit – I got a personalized outfit on Etsy that turned out super cute.

Birth Announcement Sign – Optional but great prop for photos.

Letter Board – Optional but great to have his name shown and time of birth.

Breast Pump – This is optional as in previous stays the hospital provides.  However, I want to get used to using my pump as I am trying a hands-free pump this time.

Baby Blanket – Optional

Car Seat – We are trying the Nuna Demi car seat.

Car Seat Cover


Phone Charger – I bought an extended cord so we can charge and still be able to use it.


Extra Camera Battery

Drivers License + Insurance Card

Favorite Snacks

Pillow Case – I am that person that has a favorite pillow and will be bringing it

Bluetooth Speaker – Optional but we want to enjoy this last hospital stay.  I think listening to music will help during labor as well.

Amazon Fire Stick – Optional.  We brought this last hospital stay and it was a game changer! We watched all our favorite Netflix shows and movies! Made it feel a bit more at home.

Water Bottle – Optional.  Each hospital did give me one, but I do have a favorite water bottle I am bringing.


Duffle Bag

Treats for Nurses – This has become very popular.  If you wish to do this I recommend getting a basket and filling it with some goodies for your L&D nurses.

Hospital Bag by popular Dallas motherhood blog, Glamorous Versatility: image of a printable hospital bag essentials checklist.

To make it easy for you I have made a check list that you can mark off, so you don’t forget anything! These are all items I am personally bringing, so hopefully this will set you up for success for your hospital stay.


Hospital Bag Check List


I am sending all my pregnant moms well wishes and hugs.  Enjoy these moments!

What do you think are some hospital bag essentials?  Let me know in a comment below!



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