I am a mom of 4 that is constantly on the go! This past month has taken some adjusting being a mom of 4, and how to properly stock myself for each child while we are out. While we don’t go out a lot based on the current events, there are times where I have been out with all the kiddos and have to be equipped.  Believe it or not even my almost 13 year old has items that are needed in the diaper bag. Having 4 kids is a lot, and I realized how organization is so key to be successful.  So today I’m sharing my ultimate diaper bag checklist to help you be successful too!

I have learned so much about being a mother after conquering this past couple months. One of the most important things is preparation.  It is imperative for our day that I give myself adequate time to prepare for the daily errands. That starts with the diaper bag.  I call it a diaper bag, but it houses my life basically for myself and all 3 boys.

I wanted to share my Ultimate Diaper Bag Checklist for any moms that have children in different age ranges. Below I have a checklist to make it easy for you packing up your kiddos.

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The Ultimate Diaper Bag Checklist: 

For Baby:




Pacifier – I love these pacifiers and that they match with different outfits. 

Teething Ring

Nasal Aspirator

Baby Bottle

Burp Cloth

On the go Trash Dispenser


Spare Outfit

For Toddler:


Adhesive food mat – While we don’t eat out currently this is still something that has been crucial for us to have. .



Sippy Cup


Extra Training Underwear – We are potty training Cyrus so having extra is key. 

Spare Outfit – I used to keep two spare outfits but our messes have been somewhat manageable so only keep 1 outfit. 

Toddler Snack Cup

Wet Dry Bag

For Young Boy:




Juice Box

Coloring Book/Crayons

For Older Son:


Juice Box

Travel Deodorant


Braces Care Package

Kids Masks

For Me:

Key Ring

Cell phone

Water Bottle


Travel Tissues

Hand Sanitizer


Face Mask

Nursing Cover

You can also use this handy  Checklist to help you with packing your diaper bag.

I hope you find this information helpful! Feel free to save the checklist and print out to help you in packing your diaper bag.

What’s on your diaper bag checklist?  Let me know in a comment below!


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