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Mom’s spa day is always a must! Being a working mom, wife, and everything in between can be exhausting at times honestly.  Working then holding down the fort at home can leave little time for self-care. Last year I started to commit a lot more time to taking care of me and having some “me” time! 
 I regularly make sure to get take an hour of time to get a mani & pedi, hair done, or facials. 
As a mom I am always busy chauffeuring Cameron to various sports or birthday parties (I swear my 9-year old has a busier schedule than me.) It gets difficult to to find the time for me, but I force myself.  Across the board I feel pouring into me, not only makes me feel good. But I know my husband appreciates it too. 
What better way for some self-care than to do it with some fellow moms (and blogger babes).  We were determined to take a morning for some pampering and girl talk!! It’s an added bonus that they also are battling the infamous “Terrific Twos”.  We teamed up with Spa La La located in Dallas a block from Galleria mall, to have a moms day out! My girls Tanika (Alwayz Fashionably Late) and Eryn (Style Sew Me) had a blast!

Normally, when I get a spa service I opt for a massage or facial. BUT with Valentine’s Day approaching I stepped out of the box and got Lash Extensions for the first time. Eek!! Not going to lie I was nervous about it, and wanted to them look natural. We got a variety of services and all made us feel/look great! Tanika tried Dermaplaning and Eryn got an eyebrow wax and tint! Check their reviews on their services here and here!! 


I wanted to share my honest review of lash extension from a first timers. Hopefully this will help anyone that is on the fence about lash extensions. Let me lead with, I have short lashes, so I didn’t get anything too dramatic as I wanted to ease into this.  Also I wanted it to look natural enough for my 9-5. The entire process took about 90 minutes.  One of my things that had me press pause on ever doing it, was I imagined it would be so uncomfortable. It actually wasn’t at all. I didn’t even know she was starting at first. After a couple good conversations you will be done.  
My initial review is it looked great! You could not even tell the difference between my lashes and the extensions (which was another fear). It blended perfectly and for me I loved the natural length. It’s been almost a week and I have lost some extensions, but still full.  The biggest drawback for me has been I always feel like something is in my eye. So my eyes have been a little itchy.  I am sure that is due to not being used to the length.
 Another thing to consider is the expense. Keep in mind that after you get your lashes installed it will required 2-3 week maintenances.  Almost like getting full set nails and then needing a fill-in. I say all that to say, if you are looking to keep cost very minimum then take into consideration this will be a regular expense.
Overall, I am very pleased with my extensions.  I can’t say I will always keep lash extensions on, but they are a nice splurge here and there.  It is great if you have a lot of events coming up, or holidays.
Great conversation, pampering, and some new lashes I would say it was a moms day out success! 
If you are in the local Dallas area make sure to check out Spa La La.  Let them know I sent you and get 20% off Lash extensions or any facial service.