All of my kids do their best to keep their rooms tidy. My sons have chores they keep up with throughout the week, and one of those chores is to put their laundry away and tidy up their closet space. My 10-year-old has the smallest closet in our house, so it does get hard for him sometimes to keep things organized.

I finally took some time this week to go into his closet and get this home project done! I had to get creative on how to maximize the space, but I am so happy with the end results. Here is what I did:

First things first, I need to get in there to clean and purge. This boy loves his fuzzy socks. It can be the middle of summer, and he will still wear his fuzzy Christmas socks! So I went through all of his drawers and started a donation and trash pile. I was able to get quite a few things out, so that definitely freed up more space! Now time to put in the organizers!

The Organizers

I took a close look at what the closet’s space disadvantages were and began searching for what organizers would get me the best results. For his shoes, I got these shoe organizers! They are easy to put together and allowed me to fit 4 shoes on his shelves rather than just 3. It really made the biggest difference.

Calvin loves his hats, so we also got him these wall hooks to hold all of his baseball hats.

As you can see from the pictures, he doesn’t have a lot of space to hang his clothes. So I got this 12-pack of space saver hangers. I am able to fit 5 shirts on one hanger! They’re easy to put together and are a game changer!

For his drawer space, I used the honeycomb drawer organizers. I love and have them in all the kids’ rooms! They keep all their socks and underwear so tidy. I also have these storage bins in all of their closets. They’re great for storing multiple items, and they come in different colors!

The Organizer List

Shoe Organizers

Adhesive Hat Hooks

12 Pack Space Saver Hangers

Honeycomb Drawer Organizers

Storage Bins

I definitely feel that these changes made a huge difference, and Calvin thinks so too! Now let’s hope that this organization system will help him keep his room clean.