Finally sharing our full master bedroom reveal! I have been sharing it bits and pieces as we have completed it.  I am so excited to get you a full tour of my favorite space in our home.

First, having a master bedroom like this is somewhat surreal.  It became everything I envisioned it to be honestly. I wanted glam, but still simplicity.  Luxurious yet affordable, and I feel I did a good job mixing splurge items with budget friendly to give the room a perfect balance.
It has been a journey to get the space completed, coming from a 2 bedroom apartment where we sold everything in our apartment and then moving into our almost 4,000 sq. ft. home.  We knew it would be a process, and I didn’t want to rush it. I wanted the master bedroom to be done right!

I started with getting the furniture and bedding right away, then the monogram, and slowly but surely added the decor pieces.

I want to give you a full glimpse into our room, and that best done by giving you a video walk through. Watch the full master bedroom makeover below, and after you do make sure to SUBSCRIBE to my NEW YOUTUBE CHANNEL.

When I finally thought I had the room completed, I still felt something looked unfinished.  I looked and realized the dark brown fan that came with the home was a bit of an eye sore. Yes, I love sleep with a fan, but it was time to go.  I needed a lighting fixture that made a statement to complete the room.

Corbett Lighting Chandelier 

 I was so excited to have the opportunity to partner with Corbett Lighting to give me the chandelier of my dreams honestly.  When we picked out our chandelier we knew it was going to be beautiful.  Then when it arrived I was absolutely floored.  To give you an idea of just how grand the chandelier is it weighs about 190 pounds, and took my husband 2 days to put each crystal on. My husband at first thought he would swap out the fan and do the install hmself.  Once it arrived he had the electrician booked that same day! Ha!
The whole theme for my room was all things glamorous, and my color scheme is very neutral with gold finishes.  When I saw the Charisma lighting collection I was absolutely hooked.  It is crystal and the 2 outer rims have gold edging that matches perfectly.  

I felt this chandelier is such a statement piece, and that’s exactly what I wanted.  While I was somewhat bummed to be losing my comfort fan, it was so worth it. I plan on getting a Dyson fan that I can just pull out when I need it!

 I opted to only use creams and golds in the room.  I wanted glam but not gawdy, and sometimes it would be tough not stepping to the level of too extra.  It was important for me to balance it out, so it still felt like a serene room.
I learned a lot decorating this on my own, and definitely want to share to give you some tips and inspiration when working on your master bedroom.

  • Pick a 1-2 statement pieces:  Depending on the size of your room don’t go too over the top with having too many major players in the room.  It can take it over the edge if you do. I opted to make my Corbett lighting chandelier and our monogram the statement pieces.  Everything after that I knew I had to scale back and not have too many items competing for the spotlight.
  • Don’t feel you have to get the full bedroom set:  Up until this point when I would shop for furniture I always would get the entire set.  2 nightstands, dress, with attached mirror, and bed frame. This time around I thought to myself why? I didn’t want everything to look too much the same.  Then to be honest I really was over the attached mirror look. I got the 2 night stands, and dresser. My bed is separate, because I had been really  wanting a tufted bed frame.  Then we did without the mirror all together and got a floor mirror instead. I am so happy I changed this up.
  • Personalize your space: This is our safe haven.  Where we go to run away from the kids. Although they always end up in our bed. Ugh!  So make it YOURS. It’s no secret I love personalizing our home. And I opted to get this 36 inch personalized monogram.  I feel it adds an element of home to the space.
  • Mix your budget and splurge pieces:  I wanted a master bedroom that looked luxurious but still didn’t break the bank.  To accomplish that I balanced the room with items that cost a bit more, and then my super affordable items.  This gives the room an appearance of high end. Example of this our chandelier is an investment piece, but then we have our rug that I bought for less than $100 at the Wayfair sale!
  • The little things matter: Don’t just get the bedroom set and call it a day.  Take a trip to Homegoods or Hobby Lobby to just add some affordable decor. I got a love sculpture that was only $22.95 and a great addition to the nightstand.
I still walk into my bedroom just so grateful to have crafted a space that was everything I wanted.  I hope this post helps give you some tips and stirs up some ideas to makeover your master bedroom. To help you with your makeover be sure to watch my Youtube video and I also have all of the products that are in my home linked below!
Nightstand and Dresser is from Rooms to Go, here is a similar set | Bench | Full length Mirror  
Wall Decor
Monogram Tree Branch Art | Frames
Window Treatment
Remember this is not a race, take your time, and don’t feel pressured to have to instantly have a completed master bedroom.  It took time to find the pieces that worked for the room, along with not going in debt furnishing the room.

I hope my room reveal provides tons of inspiration and tips for your next master bedroom makeover.

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