I’m always getting questions about my home appliances, so I figured it’s time to spill the beans! It’s been a few months since we moved into our new home, and we’re finally settled in. I’ve loved every bit of putting this house together, and let me tell you, the transformation has been real! (I’ll share the full story soon, promise!) Now that I’ve had a good few months with these appliances, I’ve got my reviews ready to share with y’all and want to highlight some of their features. Let’s start in the kitchen!

The Appliances

In the kitchen we have our refrigerator and freezer, double-door oven, and dishwasher. I’ll be honest; these kitchen appliances were quite pricey. However, when we were making these decisions, we knew that this house is going to be our forever home.

With our open floor concept, the kitchen is one of the first places our guests see when entering. So, we decided that the best option for us was to get a Thermador built-in refrigerator and freezer for their effortless integration with our cabinets. With Thermador, you can get custom panels for your appliances, making them mesh seamlessly with your current cabinet design. They just blend right in and match the kitchen’s vibe perfectly. I also love how spacious they are! As a family of 7, you can only imagine how much food and drinks our refrigerator and freezer need to hold, especially when 5 of the 7 family members are hungry boys! Im constantly restocking.

Our dishwasher is so good! As a big family, we rely on this appliance every day. It is also a Thermador product and we got it panel covered as well. What I love most about it is its quiet operation. I can hardly tell when it’s running!

Now, onto what you’ve all been waiting for – our oven, the Cornufe 110!  You guys know I love the look of a double oven! This one is made up of two electric ovens, one of which is a seven mode multifunction oven. You can customize its color and finish, and we felt that the pure white and gold accents would go best with our aesthetics.

The microwave is in our pantry. Given our limited kitchen space, we didn’t want to overcrowd it with an appliance we don’t use as often. I stand by this decision to this day! We stuck with our trusted Café microwave from our previous home. We’re already familiar with its functionalities and I honestly love it as is and didnt’t think it needed any upgrading!

Another appliance you all have been asking me to review is our coffee machine. Rick is both a coffee and technology lover so this purchase was something he was very excited for. We chose a Miele coffee machine, and let me just say this machine has so many features! It has cup sensors, dual dispensing sprout, automatic rinsing, and so much more! Rick uses it daily, and we feel we’re truly getting our money’s worth with this investment!

Lastly, our washer and dryer are Samsung Bespoke Ultra Capacity Front Load Washer and Dryer. One of my favorite features is their ability to complete a wash and dry cycle in under an hour. It has saved us a couple of times! I also love the accompanying app, which lets me schedule drying cycles remotely. We opted for the forest green finish to add a pop of color to our laundry space.

After a few months with our new appliances, I have not had any issues with them. So I don’t have any cons at this point, but I’ll definitely keep you all updated if any do come up.  While they were an investment, they’ve brought our dream home’s aesthetics together perfectly! I have been very happy with our appliances and can definitely see them lasting for many years to come!