School is all fun and games…until the kids start coming home with colds each week. We’re doing everything we can to stay as healthy as possible this year, so I wanted to share 10 tips that are working for us. Whether you have kids in school, are a teacher, or are around kids 24/7, I hope this helps!

If you have any extra tips to add, please leave a comment because I’m all ears!


Y’all have heard me rave about Beekeeper products before, and their Immunity Throat Spray is one of our faves! They have bottles for both kids and adults. It’s easy to take, since it doesn’t taste bad, and you use it 1x a day. Even if I get a cold I still use it because it’s suppose to help knock the cold out faster. It’s also helps heal sore throats!


I recently had a teacher tell me her secret to not getting sick all the time is elderberry, so this is now in rotation for us, especially during fall. I love that these Elderberry Drops come in a toddler formula that I can drop into water or the kids mouths – and Rick and I use the adult ones as well. If your kids do better with swallowing syrup, we also like this Elderberry Syrup.


When possible, have your kids change clothes and even rinse off after they get home from school. If you want to go the extra mile, you can have them do it in the garage or before coming into the house so that germs stay away. We have a hamper that I like to throw school clothes into right away. It doesn’t always happen, of course, but during cold/flu season, I’m stricter about this.


I try my best to add in smoothies whenever I can for the whole family! They’re an easy way to sneak greens and fruits in, and my kids tend to drink them right up. These are the smoothie cups I usually use and these are perfect for kiddos since they’re smaller.


The Vitamin C Packs are another Beekeeper’s family favorite! Vitamin C is one of the best ingredients for supporting your immune system, and it can also promote muscle recovery and healthy skin, so it’s a win across the board. These are easy to pack in lunches, to throw in your purse, or to stash in your medicine cabinet.


You better believe I send my kids to school with hand sanitizer! These hand sanitizers hook to their backpacks so they’re less likely to get lost – and they have the cutest cases. I’m always packing these antibacterial wipes with me, too, in case the kids are a total mess. I also carry this sanitizing mist (and these cases) with me to use after the grocery store, park, or whatever I get into that day.


Something I learned recently is that raw honey is amazing for your immune system, allergies, energy, athletic performance, and the list goes on! I’ve been using this on our oatmeal, waffles, or anywhere I can get me or the kids an extra dose! Not all honey is treated equally by the way, which is why I ordered this one since I know Beekeepers has such high quality products.


This one is obvious, but it’s a must! A teacher years ago told us that kids should sing the ABCs to know when they’ve washed their hands long enough. During COVID, I was shocked to see how quick my boys were to use sanitizer over soap and water. Even though sanitizer is a great temporary option nothing beats properly washing your hands, so I’ve also taught them proper etiquette for really getting germs off.


Y’all have probably seen that I’m doing my best to get into juicing. Other than smoothies, it’s a nice way to get in a ton of nutrients in a quick glass. I use my juicer and here’s my usual recipe is: 1 apple, 2 lemons, 1 orange, and a cup of blackberries. Enjoy!


Always a must! I share all the time my favorite kids’ multivitamin gummies, and I love that they’re sugar-free. They have 16 vitamins and all sorts of immune boosters, plus the kids love the taste.

I am wishing you and your kiddos a happy and healthy school year, and let me know if you use any of these tips/tricks.