Giving Back With Amazon This School Year & Virtual Learning, info featured by top Dallas lifestyle blogger, Glamorous Versatility
Thank you to Amazon for sponsoring these tips on virtual learning. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

We are doing virtual learning….well at least the first 9 weeks. Our school district allows you to switch at the end of the 9 week marking period. We will make the decision at the end of the marking period to go back to school after we assess what is best for our family. Until then we are ready to start the school year having a successful virtual learning. Rick and I have been trying to stay positive and so the boys are still excited for the school.

One thing to note is my hat goes out to all the teachers out there. Virtual learning is definitely a learning curve and I know that teachers have a lot to manage.

With that, I am excited to partner with Amazon to help #ClearTheList.  If you haven’t heard of #ClearTheList, it’s a social media movement that encourages people to give back to teachers by purchasing products from their Amazon Wish Lists. If you have any special teachers in your life, find out their Wish Lists and grab a few things to help them clear the lists.

On my Instagram, I am asking my followers and teachers to share links to their Amazon Wish Lists. Make sure to head to IG to comment a deserving teacher’s Wish List link – you never know who might help out 😉

Another great way to give back through Amazon is through AmazonSmile. AmazonSmile is a simple way to support your favorite charity every time you shop with Amazon (at no extra cost!). You can select from over a million charities, including more than 150,000 eligible education-related charities like schools and PTA’s. Thanks to AmazonSmile, you can give back while checking off items on your school shopping list. Simply start your school shopping at – a one-stop shop for all your school needs!

If you want to make a monetary donation to the charity of your choice, you can do so with any Alexa-enabled device. Simply say, “Alexa, I want to make a donation” to get started.

I love that Amazon has so many ways to give back to teachers and charities this school year.

Giving Back With Amazon This School Year & Virtual Learning, info featured by top Dallas lifestyle blogger, Glamorous Versatility


Have a start time

Our boys are very much on a summer schedule and don’t have a firm time to get up.  To promote having a productive school day we plan to have the boys wake up every morning start with breakfast and set a start time each morning for school. We want the boys to know this is not still summer break, and that it must be taken seriously just as in-person school is.

Get Kids Dressed

No pajamas over here.  You don’t get to wear pjs at school unless for spirit days, and the same will apply at home.  We want the kids to feel as much as possible like they are at school.

Set a Daily Schedule

In-person school has a schedule, so we believe virtual should as well.  That way we are covering all the curriculum and giving them enough time to complete all their work.

Prepare for the day ahead

It has helped us to look and plan the boys schedule the day before, so that way we can efficiently work through our daily schedule without gaps of time for us to figure out how to do the assignments.

Create a workspace

Calvin started trying to do his work from the couch. No sir! We created a space for the bos to be able to focus and make it easy to be in the school mode.  We purchased computers for each of them and got all their supplies to be successful.

Make time outside a priority

This is so crucial and definitely for our 1st grader that normally has recess.  We have built in their school schedule to have some outdoor time.  To allow them to get out of the 4 walls, break up the school day, and refresh their minds.

Brain Breaks

I think parents and kids need brain breaks from time to time.

Give yourself grace

It’s important to remember that you are not a teacher that went to college for this.  You are still the parent, and just do the best that you can.

Use your resources

The teacher is still the teacher so don’t ever feel like you are bothering the teaching staff.  Reach out to them as much as needed to ensure you understand all the assignments and deadlines provided.

I hope these tips help you if you’re planning on doing virtual learning.  I wish all the parents and teachers out there the best as this school year undoubtedly will look definitely than other years!