Swimsuit season is officially back! And with it comes all the feelings you experience when trying on clothes from the previous year. It’s crazy how a single piece of clothing can make you assess your physical worth! This year, I was determined to find affordable yet stylish and flattering women’s swimsuits. Fortunately, I succeeded! Here are a few designs that I found, all under $45!

One-Piece Swimsuits

I remember many years ago when one-piece swimsuits were far from cute! They were basic, out of style, and not flattering at all. I am grateful that has finally changed because I LOVE a good one-piece swimsuit nowadays. The designs are fun, colorful, and they accentuate your body in all the best ways! I can never go wrong with any of these one-piece suits, especially this first black mesh swimsuit below! They are all fantastic, and I can’t wait to wear them all season long!

Two-Piece Swimsuits

Having given birth to five children, my body and I have experienced many different seasons. When it comes to a two-piece, the intimidating part is how exposed your body feels. This year, I refuse to let that fear stop me because I am choosing to love my body year-round! That said, I wanted to ensure I found swimsuits that made me feel confident, comfortable and are stylish. These swimsuits are excellent and made me feel amazing in them!

Which swimsuit was your favorite? I hope this swimsuit season is the best one you’ve ever had!