Postpartum Recovery Tips by popular Dallas motherhood blog, Glamorous Versatility: image of a woman wearing multi-color stripe pajama pants and a white tank top and sitting in a cream armchair with her newborn baby boy and toddler aged son.

I am at 2 weeks into being postpartum, and so far it has started off great.  While I know this is such an amazing time to have our new baby boy, I like to always remain aware of all the hormone changes.  The postpartum journey of adjusting to your new physical body to all the emotions that come with it isn’t always easy to be honest. I have challenged myself this time around to every day focus on 1 positive aspect, and 1 thing I am grateful for each day. This has helped me keep a positive perspective, and have me focus on the things that are going well in my life.

Here are a 10 postpartum recovery tips that have helped me so far in this postpartum journey that I encourage you to try:

10 Postpartum Recovery Tips

  1. Focus on your self-care – I know this may sound crazy because how do you possibly have time to have self-care when you have a newborn.  This is necessary, you have to pour into yourself so you can feel great to pour into your newborn. For me I have even made it routine to get up and shower.  It instantly starts my day out. I feel rejuvenated and ready to conquer the day.  I will share some more postpartum products later in this post.
  2. Rest – This may seem laughable to say, but when your baby is sleeping try to rest.  It can get easy to be super busy moving about when you finally get the baby down.  However, I have to tell myself to slow down and get some rest. I will put down my phone, not worry about the chores, and force myself to rest when the baby sleeps.
  3. Connect with loved ones – It is so important to stay in community during a time when emotions are all over the place. Every day I have phone conversations or welcome family members over when I feel up to it.  It gives me an outlet outside of my children.
  4. Don’t be afraid to ask for help – This can be applied so many ways. It’s important to remember that you do not have to do it all. Sometimes when we take on too much it run us down emotionally and physically.  Never be afraid to ask for help. Additionally, if you feel that you are not right emotionally seek help.  From family, friends, or even health professionals.  I’ve had to remind myself that it is always ok to have a helping hand during this time of transition.
  5. Dress appropriately – After I delivered my boys previously I didn’t really have all the postpartum clothes I needed to look and feel by best.  Your body has just drastically changed, and may even look odd.  I know mine does! Then to add if you don’t have clothing that fits you best.  Try to carve out in the budget spending for postpartum clothing.  I swear it will help you with your confidence and make it comfortable for you post delivery.
  6. Schedule the day – This is loosely done for me.  However, days can tend to run together.  So I am trying to get myself on a routine.  Also, with this being our 4th boy this helps me with ensuring I am interacting with the other boys and staying connected with them.
  7. Outsource – I will be the first to raise my hand and say that I outsource! I know my limits and don’t want to push it too hard.  We hired a cleaning lady to come weekly and for now we have outsourced our laundry.  We also have added more room in the budget for getting food to go so I don’t have the pressure to cook every day.  This has taken so much stress off myself.  With our laundry we drop it off 1 day and pick it up the next.  I don’t think we will do this forever, but it is nice for now to take something off my plate.  Don’t be afraid to outsource.
  8. Have your supplies – Getting home from the hospital the first couple days aren’t the easiest.  I would recommend creating a postpartum/newborn cart to live in your room to help make it convenient.  I have shared how I created that cart and all the products I put it in here.
  9. Get some fresh air – You can start to feel really cooped up when you are postpartum.  When you physically can, get out and sit outside for some fresh air.  Even walk a few minutes.  Anything to help you see more than the 4 walls of your room.
  10. Give yourself grace – This is so important.  First, know that you are enough! Also know that you have just went through some drastic changes.  It’s ok if you want to lay in bed, its ok to do nothing but cuddle with your baby some days.  Be kind to yourself!

I wanted to share some major tips that have helped me so far in my postpartum journey. Of course I could get you a list of probably 50 more but wanted to share my top 10.

Another important thing to remember during postpartum is not to compare yourself to anyone else’s recovery.  We will all go through different journeys and comparison is the thief of joy and will rob you from enjoying time with your newborn.  I know and accept that my body does not snap back like others I see.  I am ok with that.  Be in love with your postpartum journey and walk your own.  It will only bring you down focusing on others.

Previously, I spoke about self-care and that it is important.  I have teamed up with Nordstrom to share some of my favorite self care products that have helped me look and feel my best, all while staying comfortable.

Postpartum Recovery Tips by popular Dallas motherhood blog, Glamorous Versatility: collage image of pink moccasin slippers, pink robe, barefoot dreams leopard print blanket, matching pajama set, black tank top, sugar lip polish, diffuser, Tula Skincare Rose Glow and Get it, body detox skin brush, Clarins exfoliating body scrub, and Ginger Heat bubble bath.

First off, I am sure you are even wondering how do I self-care when I just had a baby.  It is an adjustment having a baby, but self-care is important.

Here’s how I self-care:

Go for a walk

Watch my favorite TV shows – especially during those late night feedings.

Journal and right my thoughts when I have time

Soak my feet

Tons of skincare treatments

Shower when needed

Occasionally put make up on – Not every day but sometimes its nice to see a refreshed face.

I normally love treating myself to facials, but since I have been in the house along with COVID-19 I have boosted my skincare at home.  I have been doing foot and body scrubs, masking my face regularly, and tightening up on my skin care.  Lately my skin has been all over the place so I just try to make sure I put time into my skincare.  So those hormones don’t get the best of my skin.

Favorites Postpartum Products:

Skin and Body Products:

Body Detox Skin Brush

Body and foot scrub

Bubble bath

Tula eye cream

Tula facial cleanser

Tula Moisturizer

Face Mask

Facial Steamer

Rose Quartz Roller

Lip treatment



Bluetooth speaker

Throw blanket

Pillow case


Comfy Pajamas

Nursing Bra



Nursing tank



Peri Bottle

Postpartum Recovery Tips by popular Dallas motherhood blog, Glamorous Versatility: image of a woman wearing multi-color stripe pajama pants and a white tank top and sitting in a cream armchair with her newborn baby boy and toddler aged son.

Enjoy this time, and make sure to stay in front of your emotions.  Be ok to speak about how you feel to ensure you stay positive and get help when and if it is needed.

Do you have any extra postpartum recovery tips?  Let me know in a comment below!