With this being our 5th and final baby, we have learned much about what baby products we love and which ones we plan to skip. It is all through trial and error, and also, we realized not one baby is the same. So while these are my baby must-haves, I feel comfortable switching them up to fit your baby’s needs.

Top Baby Electronics

Hatch Baby Sound Machine – This will be the first baby that we are trying Hatch sound machine. We already use a basic sound machine, but many of you recommended I try the Hatch. You can control it from your phone and  it has different light controls.

Baby Shusher

Baby Monitor – Motorola® VM855-2 5″ Video WiFi Baby Monitor with Pan/Tilt & Dual Cameras. The monitor got great reviews, so thought we would try this out. It was a must to have a monitor we could view via our phones.

Baby Clothing

One of my favorite parts about having a baby is shopping for baby clothes. I love seeing their tiny outfits. 

Here is a list of my top baby stores to shop for baby clothes:


Old Navy



Kyte Baby



Baby On the Go Items

Mockingbird Stroller – For us, we have always wanted more affordable strollers, and these days, it seems harder and harder to find. We wanted this time around a stroller that would work for multiple kids as I know we will be traveling to many sporting events. We learned about Mockingbird, which is not the cheapest stroller on the market but half the cost of popular strollers like Uppa baby etc. 

I love that it has extensions to allow our newborn, toddler, and young kid to be on. Cyrus loves there is a kickboard he can stand on. We also have the extension to allow our car seat to be placed in the stroller. 

Nuna Pipa Lite RX – We have used this car seat for the past two babies and loved it. Lightweight (well as lightweight as a car seat can be). Compatible with many strollers and easily fits in our car. 

Baby Gear

Newton Baby Mattress – Our favorite baby item is for sure the Newton baby mattress. It is breathable and 100% washable.  Making it easy to wash, but most importantly allows you to have more peace of mind. Knowing that when you lay your baby down, they have a reduced risk of suffocation is priceless. Use code TARYN50 for $50 off your purchase. 

Baby Bjorn Bassinet – We tried the Snoo out with Cashton, and didn’t have success unfortunately. We wanted to love it, but Cash was not a fan and we also felt for the cost it wasn’t worth it. With that, we needed another bassinet that we could keep in our room. We decided on the Baby Bjorn Cradle. Hopefully Cecelia will enjoy it, and allow us to get some rest. 

Mamaroo – Every baby of ours we have used the 4moms swing. Calvin was our only baby that wasn’t a fan.  We will see if Cecelia enjoys it. 

Baby Bjorn Bouncer – We bought this bouncer based on your recommendations. We like other Baby Bjorn products, so excited to try this one out. 

Snuggleme – I LOVED this product last time; I bought it in pink and hope Cece will be a fan. It was so convenient for us when hanging out on the bed or couch. It allowed me to have the baby in a secure place while tending to the other kids. Make sure you still supervise whenever the baby is in it. 


We have always used Pampers. Well, not always back in the day, we swore by Target’s brand of diaper, but they changed it, and after the change didn’t feel it held like it used to. So I bought Honest baby diapers and planned on trying that. 

Ubbi Diaper Pail – We’ve always used the Ubbi diaper pail. We picked it out because we wanted a diaper pail that didn’t require a cartridge and that we could use our normal trash bags. 

Ubbi Wipe Dispenser – We never have been a huge fan of the wipe warmer, just our personal preference. We have been using the Ubbi, and it has always been functional and affordable. 

Diaper Bags

I still haven’t decided what diaper bag I am going to use. I got so many great recommendations from you all. Below are the top bags you all suggest. 


Bottles – Our preference is Tommee Tippee and Avent bottles

Baby Brezza – When we switched over to formula, we bought the Baby Brezza. This time around, I plan to attempt breastfeeding, but if it is not successful, I will be pulling out the Baby Brezza again. It was a game changer for us. Baby Brezza is essentially a coffee pot for formula, so handy during those late-night feedings. 

Spectra Breast Pump – I loved this breast pump previously. I will be using it again. I had no issues with suction or functionality. It was the confirmation I would use it this time when it was your most recommended pump. 

Pacifiers – Our preference is the Soothie pacifier along with Ryan & Rose. R&R gives you the feel of soothies but allows you to match whatever outfit you wear. 

Sterilizer – I have been pleased with the Baby Brezza sterilizer. Automatically sterilizes and dries the bottles. Some sterilizers can be clunky to work with, and I felt it was easy to use. 

Haakaa – Another first-time trying. When I breastfed in the past, it was always a pain to see liquid gold go to waste in a nursing pad. So I will try the Haakaa, which is supposed to be a catchall while the baby is feeding on the other side. 

Health & Safety

Wellements – We have been using Wellements since 2020. I swear by their products. I always end up going through so many bottles of their Vitamin D and Gripe water. I recommend getting the Newborn Bundle as it has Gripe Water, Night time Gripe water, baby tooth oil, All-purpose balm, Baby chest & foot rub, along with baby immune support

Humidifier – I have been pleased with Frida’s mom and baby products. I got the Frida baby humidifier based on reading reviews, and I love it is also a diffuser

Again, everyone will have their own favorites, but wanted to give you a look into some of my top items.