Newborn Baby Essentials by popular Dallas motherhood blog, Glamorous Versatility: collage image of a box of Huggies diapers, Boppy pillow, Tommee Tippee bottles, Chicco bottle sterilizer, Owlet baby monitor, Dreft laundry detergent, Nuna carseat, Nuna stroller, fridababy sick day prep kit, Carter's onesies, 4moms momaroo baby swing, white baby wipes container, burp cloths, basinet, pacifier, and a baby bath.

Our baby boy will be here in just a month!  We are so excited to have him join our family.  To be honest as of 2 weeks ago we didn’t have 1 item for the baby.  With us getting settled in at our new place, we started shopping for our newborn baby essentials quickly.  In these last 2 weeks we have gotten basically everything for the baby’s essentials and nursery.

I know it can be difficult thinking of everything you have to buy for the baby.  Especially if this is your first time around.  With this being our 4th baby I have learned what items I use and what items just collect dust.  To make it help for all those mamas that are expecting I wanted to share my newborn essentials. This list are exact items that I will be using.

Please keep in mind I am sure there are more items that other fellow moms are on their list, but I created  listed specifically on what I love and used.  It’s important to know this list is a starting point, but to be honest once you have the baby you will learn what items you like/dislike.

There are some brands I swear by and some that I prefer not to use.  We love Tommee Tippee bottles, Carter’s baby clothing, Nuna, Lansinoh breastfeeding products for mama. I could keep going.

Taryn’s Newborn Baby Essentials: You can click on any of the items to see my recommended product.

Newborn Baby Essentials by popular Dallas motherhood blog, Glamorous Versatility: pdf of a newborn essentials checklist.


Bath Tub – Or a traditional tub

Body Wash

Baby Oil Gel

Hooded Towel & Wash Cloths

Baby Lotion


Bottles – Tommee Tippee is our favorite!

Hands Free Breast Pump (if breastfeeding) Or traditional pump

Breast Pump Storage Bags

Bottle Warmer

Boppy Pillow

Burp Cloths

Bottle Drying Rack

Baby Brezza – Formula mixer dispenser (if formula feeding)

Diapers – We started with 100 Newborn diapers and 300 Size 1


Diaper Pail

Diaper Rash Cream

Diaper Organizer

Wipe Container – Previous babies we used the wipe warmer but never really used it.  This time we decided to get a regular wipe container.

Aquaphor Baby Ointment 


10-15 Onesies

5-10 Pants

10 Footed Pajamas

1-5 Hats – Hats were hit or miss for our babies.


1-2 Swaddles

4-8 Pairs of Socks

5-7 Receiving Blankets 

Baby Detergent

Baby Gear

Car Seat

Stroller – We decided to pay a bit more this time around for our stroller to see if it made a difference in quality. We use our strollers a ton and the others kept breaking.

Bassinet-  We are renting the Snoo you can buy it but with this being our last baby we decided to rent.

Baby Lounger – We bought the Snuggle Me Organic I have heard this is amazing and can’t wait to try.

Crib & Mattress – The Mattress is less than $50!

Changing Table  & Dressers

Baby Carrier

Fitted Sheets

White Noise Machine – We used this for the first time with Cyrus.  I don’t know if it was coincidence but he slept better than our other babies.

Changing Pad & Covers

Bouncing Chair

Baby Swing – We have used this for Calvin and Cyrus and love it!

Health & Safety


Baby Monitor 

Tummy Time Mat

Grooming Kit

Sick kit – You guys all suggested Frida Baby products especially the nose Frida! Excited to try.



Newborn Baby Essentials by popular Dallas motherhood blog, Glamorous Versatility: image of a pregnant mom standing outside with her 3 boys.

I have also made a downloaded Newborn checklist to help you remember everything as you are prepping for your upcoming baby. Again, this is just a starting point, as you start to gather products you will learn what works best for you and your baby.

Newborn Downloadable Checklist

Hopefully this resource will give you one less thing to worry about! I may not be a pro but with this being our 4th baby I have learned what essentials are necessary.

What are some of your newborn baby essentials?  Let me know in a comment below!




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