Family Beach Packing List

With spring break coming up and tropical trips on the horizon, I put together a packing list we’ve sworn by as a family and will be using for our upcoming travel. Packing for trips is difficult to begin with but with having 5 kids, it becomes a whole beast in itself. 

The great thing about heading somewhere warm is that you don’t have to worry about bulky coats and pants. I’ve become extra efficient when traveling by using packing cubes and lots of packing lists along the way.

To help you prepare for a beach trip, I’m sharing a full packing checklist and guide. Hopefully, this will help you stay organized on your upcoming vacation!

A few tips before getting deep into packing: 

  1. Buy Packing Cubes in a different color for each family member!
    • This makes it easy to know whose clothes are whose when you arrive at your final destination.
  2. Go through your kids’ clothes from the previous year to make sure their warm weather items still fit.
    • It’s easy to throw in their favorite swimwear and cover-ups from last year without considering how much they’ve grown. This will prevent you from packing anything that won’t have a chance to be worn.
  3. Plan your carry-on backpacks carefully.
    • Downsizing and creating a carry-on for the kids is important. Think about which items you will need on the plane and the necessities when you land. Those take priority!

Download The Ultimate Beach Packing List

Our Beach Trip Essentials

Travel Essentials – Headphones, Kindle, Packing Cubes, Suitcases, Travel Crib, Suitcase, Plane Game

Clothing Essentials – Sun Hats, Sandals

Beach Essentials – Waterproof Phone Case, Kid Sunscreen, Kid Sunglasses, Reusable Straws, Beach Blanket, Snorkel Mask, Swim Goggles, Sand Toys, Scrunchable Tote

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