Father’s Day is almost here! Shopping for my husband when it pertains to what he truly wants, can be a tough task.  My husband has never been a clothes person.  He does like to look good, however he would be greatly disappointed if I showed up on a holiday with only clothes. Give him any type of technology or gadget and he is satisfied, and he will love me forever. 
With Father’s day coming up I knew exactly where to get all the gifts I needed for a guy that doesn’t want clothes.  He is exactly pretty difficult to shop for because I don’t keep up with the up and coming tech items. I am not tech savvy at all, so I relied on Brookestone to make shopping easier for this Father’s Day. 
If you have a guy like mine that would prefer to not get clothes, well I am giving you gift ideas below.  And what’s even better is can find all of these from Brookestone! I think Rick will be pleased with me gifts this year!  He has also requested to have a relaxing Father’s Day, so I will manage the kids, and let him kick his feet up! Rick does so much for the kids and this household so the least I can do is get him gift that I know he will love.

One: Bluetooth Speaker
Two: Power travel charger
Three: Massager with Heat
Four:  Whiskey Decanter Set
Five: Draft beer system
Six: Watch Winder
Seven: Fitbit Smart Watch
Eight: Bone Conduction Headphones
Nine: Indoor/Outdoor Speaker
Ten: 5- Piece Grill Set with Digital Thermometer

These are just a few of my favorite gift ideas for a guy that wants nothing to do with clothes.  If you are like me and a last minute shopper it’s not to late to head to Brookstone to get your Father’s Day gifts before the holiday!
*Products graciously provided by Brookstone, all thoughts are my own.