My love for statement jewelry is no secret.  I love bold and gold!  My ideal outfit includes a simple blouse  and accessorize with statement jewelry. For years I have worn statement jewelry, but sadly two things would often happen.  Either I would lose it or the jewelry would break/tarnish easily. It has left me constantly spending money on new statement jewelry, and has gotten pricey. Due to that I considered investing in higher quality jewelry.

When I discovered Julie Vos I instantly fell in love.  It combined my love for statement jewelry, but the quality is amazing.  Outside of my wedding ring I have never really had high quality jewelry.  Well…except for in the 2000s when everyone was wearing a Tiffany’s & Co bracelet and I just had to have one. HAHA! I’m 31 so it is time for me to invest in jewelry I can have for years.

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Julie Vos is an investment but so worth it for many reasons, here are just a few of the top ones!
1. If you love gold there really is no other better option.
2. Brings elegance to statement jewelry.
3. Timeless designs that won’t go out of style.  My mom already is wanting her set, the style looks great at every age.
4. Versatile pieces that I can wear with almost every outfit.  Naturally when I make the decision to spend more I need to get a return on my investment.  And by that I mean I look at how many items in my closet. There are pieces that are a bit more subtle to full out bold pieces. 
5. Quality! Another reason I was ready to ditch wearing my other costume jewelry all the time was sometimes it would irritate my sensitive skin.  I’ve had no issues with this jewelry since it is 24K gold plate and Nickel free!


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When these pieces arrived, the first thing out my husband’s mouth was…you better not lose these.  Ugh! Thankfully, each piece came with an individual care bag to protect them.
Are you like me and had hesitations about investing in these pieces, but don’t want to lose them? One thing I have been doing is I stopped taking my jewelry off at random places.  Before when I would get tired I would take it off different place around the house.  I now only take them off in my bedroom and immediately put them in my pouch.  
I love all things gold, statement, and elegant.  If you have the same love I strongly recommend upgrading to these pieces.  Above and beyond that, if you are tired of having to replace you costume jewelry every month?!  I was, and made the upgrade.  So maybe you should too! 
*Jewelry generously provided by Julie Vos, all thoughts are my own.