Calvin turned 8! We decided to celebrate him with a pool party! It is so special is our pool just completed and it was the first time having anyone in the pool. Double celebration. Calvin loved it when we visited Hawaii, so we thought it would be perfect to have his party be Calvin’s Cabana.

I know many of you are wanting to do new fun birthday ideas. I love this theme because it is great for a girl or boy. Even if you don’t have a backyard pool you could visit a local community pool or see if a friend has one to use.


We did marquee letters with balloon wrapping. Also, adding rental furniture to bring the whole theme together.

As favors we gave the kids sunglasses and towels. You can grab towels and sunglasses from Amazon that come in a bulk to make it easy for you to pass out to the kids attending.


We went with a smoothie bar for the kids to pick from various smoothie flavors, and for some extra personalization we made custom stirrers with Calvin’s face on them.

We added florals in pineapples and coconuts, and had a Hawaiian menu.

Towels & Sunglasses for Party Favors

Tiki Cups and Pineapples to serve drinks in, and we gave the kids a tiki cups for the road.


A Smoothie Bar

Tiki Cake with Strawberry filler

Hawaiian Themed Cookies

Fruit Kabobs with Pineapple, Cantelope and Strawberries


We hired a lifeguard for the party because as my husband and I are socializing we wanted to ensure the kids’ safety was still top priority. If you have been host or hostess then you know you are constantly being pulled different directions. We hired a lifeguard from Happy Swimmers. It was the best money spent.

The Outfits

Hope this helps you with inspiration when planning your next pool party.