We got under contract for our pool in May 2021, and we finished the pool in April. It was a long process, but we already saw how worth it was building the pool. We have been in the pool just about every day since we had it. Cyrus has officially turned into a fish.

We still have a few things to finish in our backyard. First, we are waiting for the pool fence we want to get off backorder. We are not done with landscaping, and then there are a few things the pool company has to finish out.

I can’t say it was not without some hiccups and a lot of patience needed. Let me be upfront, pools are not cheap. I get asked how much our pool costs; I don’t share because the price of a pool will vary so much. From where you live, the size of your pool, and the products your pool builder sources. On top of that, we added a mini kitchen and a covered structure which adds to the pool cost.

I recommend getting at least three quotes from various pool companies. Make sure to learn about their pool timelines. A great question is whether they use outside contractors or is everything in-house? The reason to ask is most of our delays were due to the pool waiting on the availability of contractors. If you can get a pool builder with the staff in-house, it could help with a clear understanding of scheduling. Some days we didn’t know when crews would be arriving, and often we couldn’t get a clear timeline.

For most of our process, it didn’t matter much because it was over the colder months. However, we got stressed towards the end when we had planned a pool party.

Once you decide on the pool company you will be with, they will likely design the pool based on your preferences. Be clear if there is anything that you don’t love or have questions about. Already there are some items that I wish we would have changed.

Upon getting under contract, we had to make a downpayment for the percentage of the pool. In addition, we were required to make additional payments throughout this process before any new section of the builder. For example, before the gunite process would happen, we would have to submit payment. If you are not financing the pool, I wanted to call this out to you, as it will be hefty payments.

The first part of the process was making color selections. Such as your tile preference and even pool water. Take your time with this process to ensure you love it.

It took about 2-3 months until they broke ground.

If you consider getting a pool, try to get a clear construction timeline before getting under contract. Even better, if you can get an estimated completion date, that would be awesome.

One thing we didn’t love was the service of our project manager. Make sure you have a project manager that has excellent customer service. Ours did not. We often went to the pool sales rep, but technically he is not our point of contact once the pool build starts.

Overall, we are happy with our pool, and most importantly, we are getting so much use out of our pool. And summer hasn’t even started yet. So it was definitely worth it for use.

Going through a home build and pool construction during a pandemic has taught us patience. We’ve seen delays in furniture and labor. While we are coming out on the other side, I believe processes still are not as seamless as they once were. So be patient, and work with your pool company to have a clear understanding. Above all, ensure the pool company you are going with has solid communication.