Finally I am sharing Calvin’s 5th birthday party, LEGO theme!  He had so much fun! I asked you all on Instagram if you wanted me to share the decor, and the answer was absolutely YES!  I find joy in party planning, for me what makes me most happy is thinking about the little details.  I feel the little things are what takes the birthday decor from looking just OK to a wow factor. Calvin had a blast, we had it at a science center where they did experiments and I thought it was perfect for him!

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I will take you through the steps I did to pull of this party along with sharing all the products I used to make this party happen.  Hopefully by sharing this it will give you some general tips on planning a party and/or give you some inspo for your next LEGO party.

Alright…so when I have a birthday coming up, we first decide if we should have a party or not.  In this case Calvin never had a formal birthday party so it was overdue.  I actively started working on this party about 4-5 weeks out from the desired party date.

*Make sure to solidify your budget before hand because it can get easy to have a party break the bank. 

Step 1: Pick a theme

I love having fun birthday themes. I cannot think of a party that didn’t have a theme, it allows you to have more fun with your decor choices. I knew I wanted to do LEGOS because Calvin loves playing with LEGOS and is in love with the movies.  Plus the decor options are so fun.  Before picking a theme I typically browse the decor first to make sure I have enough options to choose from.

Step 2: Pick a Venue

We’ve done parties at our home and going out.  For me, I feel having a party out is a little bit easier, because the clean up and prep is not as intense.  When choosing this location I do wish it allowed me to have more time to set up. I had only 15 minutes to set up before the party start. Eek! I had my family to help, and I came there VERY organized.

Step 3: Order invites

I buy 95% of my invitations from Etsy.  Y’all I can have a whole blog post on how Etsy is the real MVP, but I will save it.  Just know my parties would not be the same without Etsy. I used to mail out the invites but ain’t nobody got time for that! Now I buy the digital copy and then upload my design into Evite. This allows me to have a custom invite and save the hassle of mailing everything out.

Step 4: Secure Vendors

You will want to lock down your vendors sooner rather than later. I normally use, a balloon company that makes balloon arrangements.  This year I had balloon towers and centerpieces.  Custom Cake (make sure it book in advance), cookies or cupcakes (I like a dessert option beside cake), and food.

Step 5: Stock up on decor

My husband’s least favorite part….he says I turn into a crazy party lady. HA! I get my decor from Etsy, Amazon, and Party City. If you want customized party decor Etsy is the place to go.  Just keep in mind that since it is custom I normally start order decor about a month in advance.  Some things can take 2 weeks from ordering to get to me. Amazon will not have much customization, but they are affordable, and had a lot of LEGO theme options.  Key decor items I won’t go without: Coordinating Table cloths, napkins, plates, cup, and plasticware. Customized labels, Custom shirt, poster or sign.

Step 6: Organize favor bags

I like doing favor bags that have items that make sense with the party.  I got all of my favor items from Amazon.  I got my LEGO inspired favor bags and favor tags from Etsy. Make sure you have a firm guest list, plus I usually make a few extra. Once you put together your bags make sure to hide them from the kids, because my boys kept taking the items from the bags!!!

Step 7: Prep for party

A few days before the party I take inventory on everything I have ordered to ensure it has all arrived.  I lay everything out and start putting together anything that needs to.  By this point I am also arranging the pick up for vendor items with my husband so he is clear on what needs to be done.  He normally will be the person that goes and picks everything up. Do as much prep and arranging as you can the day or 2 beforehand. I have made this mistake many times and then it causes me to be late and/or miss important details.

Step 8: Showtime

The day of the party I normally wake up super early and get myself all together, we will normally load the cars up early as well. While I am getting ready my husband is off picking up the items.  Then the only thing left is getting the kids ready and heading to the party location.

Once you get to the location its GO TIME. I have my family ready to help and you we make it like an assembly line. This time it went so smooth.  No stress really.

Calvin had an absolute blast and my decor was a huge hit! These are steps that have come from a lot of trial and error.


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I hope all of these tips and products will help you plan an amazing birthday party!!



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