Cashton Aryn Newton’s Birth Story

Birth Story by popular Dallas motherhood blog, Glamorous Versatility: image of a baby wearing a bear suite and baby Uggs.

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We are so delinquent with sharing our birth story.  I cannot even believe that Cash is SIX MONTHS and I am just now sharing his birth story.  When you got 4 kids, work full time, and running a business this is the best that I could do. To be honest I would sit down to write the story, but I just didn’t have the time to really share the entire story because you know that I am long winded.

Back story: Rick always knew that he wanted to have 4 kids. Me on the other hand I really hadn’t mentally committed to 4 kids.  After all, I work full time, have our blog, and the 3 kids already take up most of my time. BUT, the crazy person in me really thought, maybe, just maybe, that we could go for that girl and actually get her. So I finally agreed to try for the girl.  Y’all, I looked up every old wives tale possible. We TRIED everything needed to attempt for a girl honestly.It took us about 4 months to conceive.  When we found out I was pregnant, and knowing that we tried everything to get a girl I was feeling cautiously optimistic.

Flash forward to when I got the result that we were having ANOTHER boy. Not going to lie, I cried when I found the news.  I wanted a girl so bad.  I was in my feelings for about 2 days, and pulled myself out of it and proceeded to prepare for our 4th boy.  I already had my girl name ready, so now we had to think about the 4th baby boy C name.  *If you want some laughs go to the “RICK” highlight on Instagram to watch “Names with Rick” and how he gave me the hardest time picking a name.

Alright, back to the birth story. 2 weeks before I had Cashton I was so ready.  I had experienced horrible round nerve pain.  Making it almost impossible to sleep.  Plus I had grown tired of my Gestational diabetes.  Each time I would go to the doctor I was at 3cm then progressed to almost 4cm.  Although I know that ultimately the baby would come when he was ready to come.

The week of June 8th I was 38 weeks and going about life waddling along.  My bags were pack. My dad graciously drove down from Michigan to help with the other 3 boys.  He had now arrived, and planned on being in Texas for about 3 weeks. I was so appreciative because he completely took the 3 boys off our plate.  He was taking them to sport activities and all. For work, I run the benefits for a company in HR, so I had a long list that I had to complete before leaving for maternity leave.

Cashton Aryn Newton’s Birth Story

Birth Story by popular Dallas motherhood blog, Glamorous Versatility: image of new born baby in a newborn hospital bed.

June 12th

On June 12th, it was just an ordinary work day.  I got up started working, had some work calls, but basically an ordinary day. I did have some errands to run because my doctor scheduled our induction for June 15th, so I knew I needed to wrap up some final tasks.

Mid-morning I started contracting, but thought it was just Braxton Hicks.  I kept working and going about my business.  I had taken a half day from work to get my errands complete.  I waddled out the house about 1:30pm. First stop, Starbucks, next stop to get my nail fixed. (priorities haha). As I was getting my nail fixed I started feeling contractions, but they weren’t intense.

So being a busy mom, I kept going with my errands.  I went to get my Target order pick up, I was chatting with my older sister on the phone telling her about my induction date coming up.  After I left Target, I was still having contractions, but NOT intense.  We were sending out laundry to be washed, dried, and folded.  So I proceeded to pick up our laundry.  When I almost got to the laundry, the contraction went up a notch…a little more intense. I called Rick, he was still working.  I alerted him that he may want to let his job know that we may be having a baby.  By this point I left from picking up our laundry. It was in the 4 o’clock hour and I was sitting at a traffic light really starting to struggle. Of course, this light was completely backed up. I was trying to turn left and needed these cars to actually attempt to make the light, which they were.  I was tracking my contractions now, and they were coming everything 3-4 minutes.  They were at the point I was holding my stomach in discomfort, definitely intense. But I was 25 minutes away from home, and stuck in traffic.

Preparing for delivery

Still being in mom of 3 mode, I called Rick and said. “Finish up your work day, I think we are going to have the baby. But with my contractions I am not going to make it to Walmart Grocery can you go pick up the groceries, for me so I can finish the casserole for the boys and then we can head to the hospital.” I was determined to get my casserole completed, so my dad didn’t have to worry about cooking.  Also, to lay out the boys clothes while we would be in the hospital.

I raced home gripping my stomach.  Had Cameron bring in the laundry for me. Rick was out picking up grocery.  While waiting for Rick I was laying out each boys clothes for the week, in between contractions. No joke.  I would be gripping and pacing and in between a contraction I would seriously lay out another outfit. Y’all, I am CRAZY! haha! They were coming every 2-3 minutes, and I called Rick telling him to get here ASAP.  He had just pick up the groceries and was on his way. I was trying to push through and make this casserole but physically I could not do it.  So I was proceeding to tell my dad how to make it. Side note: We had plans to vlog the entire birthing process, and clearly that wasn’t happening as planned.  Rick races in and at this point I am doubled over.  Stressing to him to hurry and load us up.  My dad says to Rick “Son, I think its time for you guys to get to the hospital”.

Finally loaded up. We race out of our neighborhood and Rick is speeding down the highway.  I am gripping the car seat, screaming now, and telling Rick I have to push. Rick verbatim yelled “NO YOU DON’T”. We live about 10 minutes from the hospital. Racing off the highway to the exit ramp, tires screeching pulling in the hospital.  The greeter saw us pulling in and already knew what this was.  She was sprinting out to meet us with a wheelchair, got me in the chair and was sprinting me to L&D.  Shouting on the walkie that she is bringing a mom pregnant with her 4th baby up, and to get ready.  Downstairs Rick had left the car in the round about and just grabbed essentials and also was heading upstairs.

We get upstairs and she is shouting medical terminology to the staff. Gets me in a room.  They check how far along I am.  Rick is just walking in,  The nurse shares that I am ready to go.  I am 10cm dilated and the only thing holding the baby in was my water had not broken. Crazy me I was still asking for an epidural.  HAHA! They of course explain that will likely not be possible, but they will bring the anesthesiologist in.  He confirms there is not enough time.  Blood work would have to be drawn, and truly by the time I could have it; the baby would already be here.

I am distraught at this point because I absolutely DID NOT want a natural birth.  I am crying.  Rick, is encouraging me and telling me that I have to have Cash naturally. But that I can do it.  The staff is sharing that based on where he is I could deliver him within 15-20 minutes.  They had called my doctor, but he likely wouldn’t get here in time unfortunately. Let me just say that I my hat goes off to anyone that elects to have baby naturally. Y’all are the real MVP, because this was the worst pain of my life.

Birth Story by popular Dallas motherhood blog, Glamorous Versatility: image of new born baby boy.

The staff was quickly trying to get the table ready.  It was time to push. I physically did not feel capable of doing this.  Mentally I was not there, because I was still upset that I couldn’t have an epidural. I did not want to have natural.  Rick was motivating, that I could do this. I was crying, feeling weak.  I push for about 15 minutes and CASHTON ARRIVED! May be odd but my body kinda felt like it was in shock. He was born at 5:48pm.  At 7 pound exactly. We didn’t get to take a bunch of pictures right when he was born because with how fast everything went we couldn’t even find our phones. 🙁

Birth Story by popular Dallas motherhood blog, Glamorous Versatility: image of dad holding his new born baby son.

Rick was so amazing during this process. I was basically a basket case and he just encouraged me, and really trying to push me through this.  He was getting me focused on my breathing, being so calm and wanting me to just focus on him instead of the pain. I was a mess, but he kept me leveled.

They laid him on my chest and all was well. Also, the fact they were finally giving me some pain medication.  This was so crazy because we had plans to vlog the whole labor process, but didn’t quite turn out as planned. Rick was saying we could have documented this process but somebody had to do Target pick up orders and lay out laundry. haha.

Birth Story by popular Dallas motherhood blog, Glamorous Versatility: image of three young boys holding a newborn baby boy.

No matter how the day was prior. All that matter was that he was here, and all was well.  He was perfect.  This is our last baby and we definitely went out with a bang! I will never forget this experience. Not to mention we had him in the midst of COVID-19.  Thankfully this hospital does not treat COVID-19 patients so the guidelines weren’t as tough. Rick could leave the hospital if he chose, although he didn’t.  The part that was sad is that we would have to wait until we got home for the boys to meet their new brother.

We soaked up every moment of our last time having our labor and delivery.  Plus the hospital gives parents a celebration meal with Steak and lobster, so you know Rick was in heaven. This was the nicest hospital we stayed at.  Rick had his own room and bed in our suite.  It made it really comfortable.

Birth Story by popular Dallas motherhood blog, Glamorous Versatility: image of two women holding a new born baby boy.

Cashton Aryn was so sweet, so chill, and just exactly what we needed. It was funny because when we made the calls to our family.  It was guess what we had the baby.  Not oh we are in labor. Our families were like WHAT!! Also, even more bizarre, my oldest sister drove from Michigan to Texas and actually was pulling into our home right after we  left to surprise us.  So it was extra special because my sister and entire family got to meet Cash once we discharged.

Birth Story by popular Dallas motherhood blog, Glamorous Versatility: image of a woman holding a new born baby boy.

We were in the hospital from Friday to Sunday.  We were ready to get home and see the boys.  They loved on him, and of course were the best big brothers ever to him. Cashton’s birth story is never how I thought it would go.  But I think that is what makes it so memorable and perfect.

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