I am always looking for ways to organize my home in way that makes it functional and easy. Having a family of 6, things can get pretty messy QUICK! I knew I needed to get a hold of our fridge. With it being a long holiday weekend, I decided to tackle it and get it done!

One of my go to places for organizational bins and products is The Container Store along with Zulily when they have a flash sale on iDesign products.

I can’t believe I finally can cross of the list this organization project. If I can do it, I know you can. I am sharing all the products I used to make it easier for you to tackle this project.

Assess the Mess and Purge

In all of my organizational projects, I assess the mess before running to the store. This keeps me from buying unnecessary items and also helps me purge out things I no longer use. In this case, items that were expired.

Make a Game Plan

After clearing out the fridge of items that needed to be trashed, I made a game plan. First, I took inventory of the things we buy from the grocery store weekly. For example, eggs are always needed. I then mocked up how I wanted the fridge set up. This is not always set in stone; I always move stuff around while actively working on it. Finally, I wrote down my game plan and hopped online to The Container Store and stocked up on ONLY the containers needed for this project.

Get to Work

After grabbing my containers, it was time to get the fridge organized and completed. This is the fun part! Seeing it all come together is such a great feeling. I took everything out from the fridge, washed the shelves, wiped down everything, and started putting the food items into their containers. This is where I move stuff around until it is functional for me and my family.


Try to always put things back after usage. After coming home from the grocery store, go ahead and put the items where they belong. You put in all that work to organize it, so put in the work to keep it up.

The Products I used

Tall Drawer

Fridge Wine Holder

Deep Divided Fridge Bin

Divided Freezer Bins

Stacking Fridge Bins – Set of 4

Linus Stacking Pantry Bin

Lustroware 2.1 qt. Flip Spout Pitcher

10 Cup Filtered Water Pitcher

Lustroware 3.2 qt. One Push Water Pitcher

Plastic Carafes

Fridge Egg Holder

Fridge Bins Soda Can Organizer w/ Shelf

OXO 5 qt. Greensaver Produce Keepers

Linus Water Bottle Holder

Linus Packet Organizer

Sliced Cheese Container

Cream Cheese Container

Butter Keeper

Round Food Keepers

Our refrigerator is by Cafe appliances which is a GE line. If you missed it I did a full review of what I thought about my appliances now that I have been using them for several months.