Our Café Appliances Review

I always get asked what we think about our GE Café appliances. I thought I would give you the rundown on what are my honest thoughts about our kitchen appliances. I want first to say I believe some of the refrigerators are still on backorder. We waited about four months for our main refrigerator and about seven months for our beverage center. That was the last to arrive. What 2020 has taught me in regards to the shipping time is patience is key. My expectation and mindset had to shift to adjust to the extended shipping times. I will 100% say these are worth the wait.

We love our appliances and wanted to share some highlights of all the appliances. In our kitchen we have the Refrigerator, Double Dutch Over, Microwave, Dishwasher, and Beverage Center. Let me just say before I dive into anything else. The Double oven has a steam and self clean option!!!

The Cost

Yes, the GE Café appliances are pricey. When we built this home, I knew that I wanted our kitchen to be the pillar of our home. I had a vision for the kitchen to be white and gold; when I saw the Cafe appliances, I knew it was the perfect fit. Although we looked into the cost of having a built-in option, we ultimately went with Cafe appliances as it is a fraction of a built-in refrigerator. In addition, we wanted something that fit seamlessly into our cabinetry.


I knew I wanted to invest in these appliances when they fit perfectly with my aesthetic of the kitchen. I want to call out these appliances are matte white, BUT the handles are not gold. The picture below shows an actual difference between my gold cabinet handles and the appliances. The handles on the appliances are more of a bronze.

They offer so many options in colors and hardware options. You can pick something that fits the look and feel of your kitchen. This collection does come in alternative colors if white is not your favorite. I also saw Cafe came out with black with gold, that looks very nice.

One thing I have been pleased with is how easy it is to keep clean. Even though the appliances are white, I have not encountered any longstanding stains. Additionally, you don’t have to worry about fingerprints.

Features and Functions

If you have been following me for a while, you will know Rick loves all tech gadgets. So when he read into the specifics of the GE Café appliances, he was on board! Each appliance has its own neat feature that makes life just a little bit easier. The appliances do have an app called SmartHQ Rick downloaded. We can turn on our oven and microwave directly from the app. This actually came in handy when we were out in about but had a dish in the oven that we wanted to start warming.

Speaking of fridge, we are a family of 6. With boys that always want to eat. It holds all of our food. I didn’t remember to snap a picture of the inside but I love the racks are lined with the same bronze from the handles. When you open the fridge it has LED lights that come from the back of the fridge giving it an elevated look.

No need for special cleaning products that most stainless steel appliances require in order for them to look clean.

Rick’s favorite feature is the auto-fill water on the refrigerator. Although that is not exclusive to just GE Café appliances, it’s still a favorite feature and used multiple times a day. All of the appliances run very quietly, I rarely can hear my dishwasher when it is on. 

Our oven and microwave have LCD touch screens that make it really user-friendly. Our refrigerator and beverage center both have motion-detecting lights that come on when you are near.

My Favorite Appliance

I love my double oven! I love that you don’t have to preheat the oven. It’s also an air fryer. So I don’t have to purchase an extra appliance and have it stored under the cabinets; it’s all together. Not to mention I love the look of the double oven. This is the most expensive appliance from our set, so we always want to share that openly. 

We also love the Advantium that is what they call the microwave. This has the capability to be an oven. The microwave has so many pre-programmed settings, making it easy to cook something quickly. It can go from microwave, convection oven, steamer, or roaster.

Overall Thoughts

After almost a year of having our kitchen appliances, I have not had any issues. I have a few friends who also have them and have not had any problems with their appliances. So I don’t have any cons to share at this point, but I definitely will if any should arise.

Are they an investment, yes. However, it brought the aesthetic all together. I have been very pleased with our appliances and see them lasting for many years.

Items Shown:

GE Café French Door Refrigerator

GE Café Smart Top Control Dishwasher

GE Café Double French Door Wall Oven

GE Café Wall Oven and Microwave Combo

GE Café Beverage Cooler

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