I am so excited to announce and share a home project I have been working on since the beginning of the year! 

Lowes reached out to me and showed interest in creating a curation for my home that focuses on affordable items while being stylish as well! With my growing family, I needed items for my home that woukd accomidate all of the kids running around while tying in the style of the rest of my home and being affordable. For the curation, Lowes helped me find awesome products for my family room along with some decorative pieces that will look great anywhere in our home! 

With all of the amazing pieces that are included in my curation, there are so many ways to style your home. I am going to go over 5 easy and affordable ways to achieve a look that you and every one that comes into your home will enjoy.

I can’t wait to share all of these great finds and share some of the things that have made our family room feel more welcoming and inviting for my family and me to enjoy!

Style With a Throw Blanket or Two

We love this space in our home! Everything happens in here! When I say everything I mean EVERYTHING! Whether it is the boys jumping on the couch or there are toys scattered everywhere. Something so easy and simple that can tie a room together is a simple throw blanket. Finding a color that goes with the theme of your room can make all the difference. With all of the kids, it is also nice for them to have a blanket accessible to them while they are chilling on the couch!

Put a Tray on Your Ottoman/Coffee Table

When it comes to styling a room there are different ways to add contrast and add your style. One of the things that I love to utilize for contrast is a tray for our ottoman. It breaks up the surface of the ottoman to ensure a more put-together feel that is super simple to do but makes all the difference. There is also room to put some small decorative pieces on the tray to express your style even more!

Make Sure to Have a Big Enough Rug

I think that the biggest benefactor of creating the feel and style in a room is a rug. There are so many different rug designs and sizes. I believe that you can never have a rug too big. If it is too small the space feels as if it is not put together all the way and can seem a little busy. Ensuring the rug is big enough to cover the main part of the room and then some has always been my thought process towards rugs. In this case, the rug I am showcasing is the one in our family room. I have made sure the rug extends some past the pieces of furniture to make it all connect.

Don’t Clutter the Space With Too Much Stuff

Simplicity has always been my go-to when it comes to styling my home. A couple of small thought-out pieces can go a long way and speaks volumes compared to having more pieces that aren’t thought out to all flow together in the room you are styling. One of my favorite simple things to style my home with is Hydrangeas. A simple floral vase with some beautiful fresh flowers is an example of something small but speaks volumes about the space in a sophisticated and simple way.

Add a Hint of Color

In every home, there is a specific color scheme that is followed. For my home, we have a light blue color tied in everywhere around the house. The place where we focus on this color the most is in our family room. Our family room is where everything happens and is the center point of our home. Because of this, we focus more on the blue in this space. Whether you choose an accent chair or pillows to enhance your chosen color it ensures a more welcoming space along with creating cohesiveness around your home.