Welcome to the new TARYNNEWTON.COM website! YAY! I am so happy that you are here. It has been a long time coming, and it feels so good to have a site that is truly represents me and equipped to serve my community. If you have been here for a while then you know my original blog name was Glamorous Versatility. Back when I started blogging, all the successful bloggers were doing it…so of course I had to follow suit and name my blog something. When I look at my past mistakes most of them stem from not staying in my lane and cultivating my own personal success. If you are new-ish here my previous blog website was glamorous versatility.com. (so long and even hard for me to type haha). It was time to simplify and just be me. Insert tarynnewton.com.

What can you expect to see here? You know how I am always talking to you all about how I am long winded? Well my site gives me an opportunity to actually share all my thoughts constraint. My site will allow me to go more in depth on all the areas of life I enjoy sharing. If there is a particular topic you would like me to share please let me know in the comment. You will see fashion, parenting, finance, home, travel, and everything in between.

With the launch of the new website I really wanted to also start my weekly community letter. I get a million and 1 emails so I didn’t want to have multiple emails coming out each week. And if I am being all the way honest. I really can’t commit to more than that. My weekly community letter will go out on Sundays. I thought this would be a great day, because I can give a recap of the week ending, and also motivate you all for the week ahead. By signing up for the newsletter you will get the first of everything. You will get a first look at our Youtube videos, stories that don’t make IG, and outfits styling that is just for my community.

My blogging journey

I understand that I have some new faces or maybe some friends that have been around for awhile but don’t know the story. I started officially blogging back in 2016. I initially had the feeling that I wanted to start blog way before that. However, I let the fear of failing and what people may think stop me from actually starting. April I hit 5 years of blogging. It started out having no clue what I was doing. We were living in the apartment at the time, working on our finances. And I just asked Rick to start taking pictures of me in our courtyard. It started off solely as fashion. I never shared really anything else, and dressy fashion. As the first year went on I realized that this was not authentically showing who I am. I love being dressy, but honestly that was not the norm. I am not in heels every day of the week. The issue with not staying in your lane is you easily get burnt out, and I found that I really wasn’t building a community.

in 2017 I found out I was pregnant with Cyrus, and with a tough pregnancy along with being uninspired. I took a break from blogging, focus on my pregnancy and delivering Cyrus. Not to mention working a full-time job. At the time I wasn’t sure if I would go back to blogging. After taking a year off. I remember saying to my friend “I really want to share a little bit of everything” My kids, home, and style. She was like “just do it.”. When I made the decision to come back at that time I knew that I wanted to do it authentically. I wanted to just be Taryn. I stopped looking at what all the successful bloggers were doing, and just started improving on my content and started putting out consistent content.

Throughout the journey there has been tons of trials and errors, but I feel it is has grown me to learn who I am, and what I love to share. My favorite part of blogging is truly the connections that I have made with so many amazing women in my community. I love that we are all from different walks of life, but no matter if we are different seasons of life we still can connect.

5 most important things I learned in 5 years of blogging

  1. Find your own lane – When I started out blogging I used to screenshot bloggers poses etc. So I could try and remember it. What another person does to be successful, does not mean that is how you will be successful. Most times trying to compare yourself to another will end up with you being burnt out and unaware of your purpose. You are valuable, there is something you have to offer that no one else can. Tap into that. When I ditched the idea of what I thought I needed to be doing, and just started being Taryn. That is when I started to see progress.
  2. Asking for help does not make you weak – Having a full time job and running blog. Oh and having babies I am chasing after is not easy to balance. I used to feel like in order to be a boss babe I had to do everything, with no compliant, and no help. I was drowning. I was depleted. It was making it where I didn’t have anything else left to give and cranky. I had to sit down with Rick to map out how we can take things off my plate and how the household could help me with some tasks so I didn’t struggle so much.
  3. Consistency is key – When I started blogging I would start projects and not really do anything with it. Or I would post so sporadically my community didn’t know when I was coming or going. It also made it difficult to connect with you all. While taking time off social media is always a great idea. When I am on the app it was important that I show up for y’all consistently. It helps me to build with you all, and truly to connect. If your community shows up for you then you need to show up for them.
  4. Trust the season you are in – I know we are always looking at the finish line. And it can lead to discontentment, and making you lose sight of the progress that you have already made. It is great that you have goals and want to push ahead, but don’t let that diminish all that you have already accomplished. Example. When I started out I wanted to have this amazing website. That was so robust, but the investment for that was something I couldn’t afford at that time. Instead I started my blog by purchasing a website template. That installs on your website to give it a personalized look, and that is what I used to build my community. Yes I would have loved to have this website starting out, but I had to start with my previous site. It was a great website and just outgrew it and learned the site I needed to best serve my community.
  5. Don’t be afraid to say NO – Whew…this was tough for me to really learn. I would be afraid to say no to partnerships when I started earning money from blogging. Because I was worried if there would be more. However, it would tie me up to work on projects that I truly loved. Additionally, it’s important that I always stay true to my brand at all times. Saying no when necessary to protect yourself from getting overworked or simply it is not aligned with your purpose. This took me while to figure out and feel comfortable with. It is so freeing. Of course I say it gracefully, but it has helped keep me sane.

This entire journey has been such a learning experience along with trusting and knowing what I bring to the table. While yes there are millions of bloggers out there no one is me. Once I learned that I feel that is when I started truly connecting.

If you are starting out blogging know that someone needs to hear what you have to offer. There is someone that needs to hear your voice. It can get easy to see where someone is 10 steps on your journey and get discouraged. Don’t let it discourage you, know that you are getting equipped to handle everything that comes at step 10.

I know that I do have some aspiring influencers and new bloggers so wanted to share.

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I would love to share a variety of topics with the relaunch of my blog. Please comment if there are any topics you would like me to share. My mission for this blog is to serve my community. I don’t claim to know it all, but I am committed to share my experiences openly.