Valentine’s Day of course is great to spend with my hubby, but with three kids we have to also incorporate the holiday with them as well. Valentine’s Day can be a little tricky with 3 boys, because they don’t love pink, purple, or hearts.  It requires me to get a little creative when celebrating the ultimate love day.  I still think it is important to celebrate the day, and give them even more love than we already do. 
Rick and I will be having our own celebration this Sunday, but will be doing a few fun things with the boys. First off let me rant for a second.  I was in Target searching for some good boy friendly Valentine’s Day decor.  THEY HAD NONE! I was so disappointed.  They had so many cute girly things in the dollar spot.  I saw some garland that even said “no boys allowed” or “hey gal”  Really?! What about garland that said “no girls allowed”?! Nevertheless, I had to get create.  
Here are a few activities that are fun way to celebrate the holiday with the kiddos. 
Bake Valentine’s Day goodies:  Well I attempted to bake, but this newborn life has my hands full and the cookies baked too long.  Calvin had a meltdown so I ran out and just grabbed some premade cookies from the store. haha! We will try it again this weekend.  It’s a fun way to keep the kids busy and they love decorating. Target had some fun Valentine’s Day cupcake kits.  
Addressing Valentine’s Day Cards:  Cameron has his Valentine’s Day party next week.  This has always been a bonding time for us.  Cam loves picking out Vday cards, and addressing them to his classmates.  It will also be fun this year because Calvin has Valentine’s Day cards for the first time! 
Go on a family date:  Of course Rick and I will have our own date, but we wanted to do something fun with the kids too. We are taking a family date to see Black Panther Friday morning.  Calvin and Cameron are going to love it!
Decorating cards:  This year I am saving a stop at Hallmark, and having the boys help me decorate Ricky’s card from me.  They loved this idea! 
Wear Valentine’s Day PJs: Again, this is always difficult being a boy mom because there aren’t always  a ton of options for boys.  However, this was fun to do with Calvin and Cyrus.  Cameron wanted no part in it. haha! 
My PJs  | Calvin Shirt |Cyrus Sleeper Pink heart Pillow White heart pillow Heart Throw Blanket

These are just a few ideas of how we are celebrating Valentine’s Day as a family.  One more thing, I always get the boys each token gift.  The boys had a nice Christmas with plenty of gifts, so just a nice  token gift. 
Of course we give love to our boys every day, but every kid and adults should get a little bit extra on Valentine’s Day.