Valentine’s Day is around the corner and I am sure you are like me and wondering what to wear. I always like to use Valentine’s Day as an opportunity to get dolled up for Rick.  However, just having a baby 2 months ago had me cringing with the thought of putting on a fitted dress.  

So what did I do when I wanted a Valentine’s Day dress that was fitted but not highlight the extra weight I’m carrying? I first went with black, everyone knows that color is great for helping you look slimmer. I also went with Ruching.  I love ruching! It gathers throughout the dress making it difficult to see where one roll ends and begins. Also, it conceals any shapewear you are wearing. If you are that person that worries about wearing slim fitted dresses try ruching or even a wrap dress.  It helps your silhouette not look as plumping. haha! Only talking from personal experience. 

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There should be no reason to squeeze yourself in a dress that doesn’t flatter your current shape.  Sometimes you just have to be real with yourself.  I don’t get sad about not being my goal weight, I simply embrace it and find dress styles that fit me for where I’m at right now. If you aren’t quite ready to wear a fitted dress, check out this style that fits great.

My husband and I haven’t had the opportunity to have a lot of alone time with having a newborn.  We have been in full out parent mode, and excited to get out of the house without any of our kids. Now being parents of 3 kids, we must be more intentional about continuously feeding our marriage.  Valentine’s Day gives us another excuse to get out, take our minds of being sleep deprived, and love up on each other.  If you and your significant other are going through transitional times, remember to be intentional.  Quality time won’t always be easy to get, but make time! Your relationship will benefit from it later.

Hope you have a Valentine’s Day full of love!