Top: Express Shorts: Bebe Shoes: Vince Camuto (sold out) similar here and here | Earrings: Kendra Scott Bracelet Kendra Scott and Bauble Bar  | Necklace: Love Always Ring: BP Watch: Michael Kors | Clutch: Rebecca Minkoff 
Oh how I love you date night…you make my hubby and I very happy.  I love to have the opportunity to be able to get dressed up and cute, go out with the hubby without a child in site! While some of our dates don’t involve being dressed up, I still try to make sure I put in a little extra effort for the hubby regardless of what we are doing. 🙂 I swear having kids has drastically changed the amount of free time we have, and we don’t always get the chance as much as we would like to get out.  That’s why whenever we do we love it, and always have a blast! Rick is truly my best friend so it is nice to get back to just us and focus on our marriage and relationship. (Don’t mean to be sappy lol, but it’s true.) 
Once the kids came along date night took the back seat for a while, and we were really just in the role of mom and dad. Even more than wife and husband. And me taking the time to get dolled up really took even more of a backseat.  My identity became mom, and less of Taryn.  And while I LOVE being a mom, I realized that I had to also take time for me.  I was no longer getting my hair and nails done regularly, and I just felt in a general rut.  My best outfit was a t-shirt and shorts. Ugh! What I had to remember is taking a little time for me doesn’t make me any of a mother.  I had to recognize that being a mom, is not the only thing that defined me.  I now regularly put some time aside for personal care.  Also coming to grips with the fact that Rick and I leaving the kids with a sitter was OK and helps strengthen our marriage, which in turn only makes the family life even better. 
We both got so busy with life’s happenings that we let date night fall by the wayside.  Once we both realized we lost focus of us committed to regularly “dating” each other. And let me tell you….it has completely rejuvenated us. We don’t get to go out nearly as much as we would like, but we both make an effort to do it regularly and that is what counts.  It has been so great to unplug from parent mode, not talk about the kids, and just have fun as Taryn and Rick. 
I say all that to say, I use date nights to really spruce myself up.  And look cute for the hubby.  Truthfully, Rick would be happy even if I did get all dressed up, but I know he appreciates the effort.  Sometimes with having 2 kids, full-time job, I have to remind myself that I am 29 it is OK to glam it up and have some fun.  If there are cute shorts that show off those legs or a LBD in your closet, dust them off and step outside the box.  Have some fun, and put the parenting duties on the back burner for an evening. As I said date nights don’t happen all the time, so I make sure I pick out something that I am comfortable in, and shoes that will provide some comfort for the entire evening.  I don’t want anything putting a damper on our night. 
I have always been a fan of hot pants so I opted to pick a fun print and pop of color.  I kept my accessories somewhat simple because having a print and bright color I felt was busy enough. 
Don’t know what to wear on your upcoming date night? Here are a few outfit ideas that never fail me. 
1. LBD – An all black dress will never disappoint. Don’t feel comfortable with a mini dress length?  Definitely try out a Midi all black dress.  I rarely buy mini’s anymore.  Because I love how Midi dresses fit my shape, and add more class to the outfit. 
2. Blouse and Jeans – I don’t always get dressed up for date nights.  I will pair it with some distressed jeans and just a basic blouse.
3. Hot pants and blouse or bodysuit – I love some cute printed shorts and pairing it with a cute top.  I love wearing shorts, because it provides a little more comfort than a dress.  I am kinda obsessed with wearing bodysuits so I may pair one with cute shorts or a skirt instead of a blouse.
4. Maxi dress – Want to be casual but still look like you put some energy in?  Put on a cute maxi dress with some flat sandals! Here and here are some I already own that can be dressed up or down. 
5. Rompers – I am queen of rompers.  You will be able to dress a romper up and down if you want to get multiple wears out of your outfit. One time try lace up sandals, and next time pair it with flat gladiator sandals. 
Bottomline of it all is, have fun stepping out of your normal wardrobe routine for date night.  Your hubby or bf definitely deserve it! A few of our favorite places for date night is Top Golf, Improv Comedy club, Del Friscos.  Also consider doing a double date, it always fun adding another couple to the fun! Pick something fun with a upbeat atmosphere.  Often we try to go to something that will be an activity and dinner.  That way we get 2 dates in one! We rarely pick the movies, just because who wants to sit in a movie on the only opportunity we have without the kids? Not us.  It has to be a movie we have both been dying to see in order for us to choose that for date night.
If you have kids and childcare is hard to come by and don’t want to impose on family.  See if your area has night childcare centers. Or consider  these options will be life savers! If you don’t have kids yet enjoy these moments to connect with your hubby/bf, it won’t be as easy once kids come along.  So take full advantage now! Can’t get out of the house? No problem. Consider having date night in the house once the kids are sleep.  You can bring in dinner from a restaurant, and set up the table as if you are out on the town. Just really commit to making sure date night is regularly incorporated. 
Date night has 120% refreshed our marriage and allows us to have escape from the crazy parenting battles.  It has also been nice to ditch the normal mom wear, and jazz it up a bit it with an outfit I don’t normally wear.  If you are looking to bring the spice back in your relationship, start simply with just a date night! 
Happy Styling!