It’s summer break, and we’re off to the beach! We have been looking forward to this family vacation and counting down the days. Every day this week, I’ve been asked, “Are we leaving for the beach today?” It’s been so cute to see how excited the kids are for our trip.

Traveling with multiple kids is something Rick and I have become very familiar with over the years, especially now that we have five kids, ranging from toddlers to teenagers! There are many steps to planning and going on a family vacation. One of the biggest tasks to manage for a trip is the packing process, especially when you are going on a beach vacation. There are so many items to remember to pack, like all outfits for each kid, sunscreen, life vests, sun hats, and much more. The only way I could remember it all was to create the ultimate family beach vacation packing list. It has all the essentials listed for clothing, beach, travel, toddler/kid care, toiletries, electronics and entertainment! I hope that by sharing this list with you, it can help you just as much as it has helped me! 

Click Here for the Printable Packing List