A Quick Get to Know The Newtons

Since I started my blog in April 2016, then taking one year off, and reemerging in 2018 I’ve had the opportunity to grow my platform to be a true representation of everything I love and stand for.  I have been so fortunate to have the chance to connect with many of you daily whether it is getting laughs at my mom life chaos to giving me advice.  All of which is exactly why I want to have a space in the social space, because I wanted to connect, support, and encourage.

As my blog has grown it has become a full on lifestyle, family, home, style, and travel blog.  It’s funny because starting out I was always told to shy away from that as it would confuse my audience.  With that, I used to try to fit in one box, yet I didn’t feel like it was true to who I was. So after my blog break I came back and said to myself I am going to throw it all to my community, and hopefully they accept it all! And thankfully you did! I am not just style, and not just a mom, and love that I am able to share it all.

6 things you should know about the Newtons

  1. We are a boy family with 4 children Cameron, Calvin, Cyrus, and Cashton. I get asked is there any meaning behind our boys all having the same first initial. No deep meaning, I just always liked the idea of my boys having the same first initial. It ended up being they all had the same initials. C.A.N.
  2. We are Michigan natives and have only been living in Texas for 6 years.
  3. We will always be as real and transparent as possible so you guys never think that we have it all together. we go through things, get passed things, and succeed.  And we will do our best to show it all.
  4. I am the youngest and have 2 older sisters. Rick is the youngest as well and has 1 older brother.
  5. Rick and I met in college at Western Michigan University. I went to school for a Biology major and Rick Africana Studies.
  6. We basically live in organized chaos.  We both work full-time, we both work on the blog, we both are raising a house full.  But having fun doing it!

With new faces here I wanted to share a few ways to best connect with the Newtons and support us!

  1. Youtube: We started a family Youtube Channel a few months back.  Work for both of us has been crazy, but gearing up to get back to our weekly vlogs! SUBSCRIBE
  2. Liketoknow.it: Do you have wonder where I got something from? You have a few options to be able to get those details. Download the Liketoknow.it app and search TARYNNEWTON, then select follow and you will be able to click on any of my pictures to get my item details.  If you don’t want the app you can always go to my shop page and get details there. It looks just like my Instagram feed.
  3. Instagram Stories: This is really where all the magic happens. It is one of the things I look forward to most. If you don’t already make sure to hang out with me on stories daily. I love doing life with y’all there. So you don’t miss a post all you have to do is turn on Story notifications on my Instagram profile.

What is next for us travel wise?

We are heading to Disney World the first week of May 2021 and in June will be headed to a beach house to enjoy time with family and friends

What is next for us at home?

First, we bought our home in November 2020. And I am a huge proponent of not rushing the process. We take our time with completing home projects based on our budget. Currently our playroom is empty and slowly but surely working our way to that space. If you are in the process of building your home or looking to buy a home, don’t feel pressured to get everything done immediately. Take your time. Live in the home, and allow yourself to complete projects and your bank account allows. Our next home project we will be sharing is our pool that should be breaking ground within the next month.

The biggest thing I want you all to know is that I love doing life with y’all, but please remember we are far from perfect. We fuss we fight. I am navigating being a working mom and having 4 kids. After having Cash I feel like I have never been able to catch my breath honestly. At any given moment we are counting kids and trying to manage it all. I will admit I have been ordering Door Dash for more than I would like to admit lately. I am trying my best to just be present for my kids and family.

One thing that is important to me is to judge less and care more. So being part of this community know that you are not going to be judged, and that I value you being here spending time with me.

Our hope is that you always feel like you are an extension to our family!

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