Dress: 1.State  Shoes: Zara (sold out) here and here | Earrings: Bauble Bar Bracelet Bauble Bar | Ring: Bauble Bar | Underwear: BraPanty | Clutch: Rebecca Minkoff

There are of course many black dresses to choose from.  Sometimes the endless options and styles make it difficult to decide on just one.  First off, having an all black dress is a must have in your closet.  There are so many occasions to get plenty of use of it, and you can always layer on top of it to create a different type of look.  I believe the LBD is a staple in any woman’s wardrobe.  Are you struggling with how to make a selection for the perfect one? 
Here are the 3 elements I look for in a LBD to make it the perfect choice and fit for me! 
Midi Length: I’m in love with this length, it makes it perfect to wear in any occasion and venue.  Mini’s are cute, but you are limited in where you can appropriately wear it. For me, I need a dress that I can wear many places to get the biggest value for my buck.  Midi lengths are great because it allows you to show off your curves a bit, but the length still makes it more sophisticated and classy. 
Double Lining: This applies when I am looking for a form fitting black dress.  I love body-con dresses, but I am very selective in picking them.  Some body-cons are paper thin and show every dimple and lump.  I love a double lined dress because it help smoothes out your silhouette. I’ve also fallen victim to wearing the dress that is see through when photographed. ugh! Double liner is also great if you are not a fan of wearing shape wear underneath your dress. 
Subtle Details:  When searching for an all black dress I like choosing one with subtle details, but not just a plain all black dress.  This dress is a perfect example.  It has the cutest lace up, that saves me the cost of having to buy a necklace.  However, it still is basic enough that I can wear many different ways and combos.  The best LBD’s are ones that simple and not too many embellishments. So think less is best when choosing your LBD.

To pull off a body-con LBD you need the perfect undergarments.  Nothing is worse than seeing the bra line show through, or the underwear line that pushes making the love handles more defined. Your undergarments should be comfortable and play up your best features. Not make them look out of place.  In the hunt for some great undergarments I partnered with Soma Intimates to show the the perfect undergarments. 

I wore underneath this LBD dress their bra and panty from the Vanishing collection. It eliminated all my bra and underwear lines.  They come in a variety of colors, but I choose neutrals, so I could wear it under anything.  Consider these undergarments if you are wearing a form fitting dress or top! Definitely a game changer!
Be set up for success, and use these simple elements to pick the best LBD!
Happy styling!

*some of the items mentioned have been sponsored.  However, all thoughts and opinions are my own.*