Top: Loft | Jeans: Express ShoesJust Fab Earrings: Charming Charlie Bracelet: J.Crew Necklace: Kendra Scott (sold out) similar here  Ring: Bauble Bar | Watch: Michael Kors | Purse: Gigi New York

I love putting on a dress, and looking glamorous. BUT the reality is my daily life I’m in something more comfortable and casual.  I am a busy, working mom, so most of the time I call my every day look my momiform.

My definition of momiform…A uniform that is practical, comfortable, work appropriate, serves purpose, and can endure grocery shopping, baseball games, and running a million errands.

A while back my momiform used to be throwing my hair in ponytail, leggings, and a t-shirt.  I shifted away from that for a couple different reasons. 1. I felt that I didn’t feel my best when doing my errands, and I think it was due in part because I just threw on whatever was quickest to grab. 2. Majority of my life is spent doing errands, chores, and being a mom.  So if I always resort to t-shirts and leggings for my momiform it never would really give me time ever be cute. I started saying to myself  “Taryn this is your life (which I love), so why not do it in style.”

I decided to elevate my momiform a little bit.  It still first and foremost will always be comfort first. Because I have too many things to do to feel like I have to suck in, or feet achy due to my heels.

Here is what I traded off
T-shirt for flowy blouses: I started choosing a cute loose fitted blouse instead of my old college t-shirt. It is the same level of comfort, but a lot more fashionable.  I get most of my blouses from either the Loft or Express, both have great quality blouses and almost always have a coupon!

Leggings for Jeans:  For me, I know not all jeans are comfortable. I try to make sure my every day jeans are more of jean legging.  It allows it to stretch more and very comfortable. You won’t even notice that you aren’t wearing leggings.

Gym shoes for Booties: Fall is here now, and I can now throw on my favorite type of shoe. Booties! I love these! They are very comfortable, but a lot more fashionable than my Nikes I always would wear. I do normally get a bootie with a heel, I make sure the heel is not too high and block heel.  Block heels are very comfortable, so when you have to speed walk because you are running behind lol, your feet won’t pay the price. Another quick tip….I don’t care for spending a ton a money on booties that are unique colors or not a staple.  I got these from Just Fab for $20 dollars when I signed up! Consider it for shoes that you won’t wear every day!

A big must have for my momiform is to have a functional tote bag.  I can’t do my mom living with a small cross  body bag. My life just won’t all fit in a small bag! I need a tote, that will allow me to throw all my essentials PLUS stuff my kids. I am not the type to wear a backpack, I still needed a bag that was cute yet practical for my life. 

I got the Teddie tote by Gigi New York, and it was the perfect solution to my momiform. It is fashionable, large enough to hold everything, durable, has a compartment inside. And can be monogramed which is a major added bonus.  This fall I have been pretty obsessed with the color Navy, so the color selection was an obvious choice.

Time is not always on my side when I have a busy day, but I don’t neglect throwing some type of makeup on my face. If you can, take 5 minutes to create a simple makeup look.  This helps me feel like I am Supermom! Because I think to myself I am running around with these kids, doing chores, working, sports mom, and looking cute while doing it all.  You would be surprise how this will give your self-esteem a boost!

Every women will have a momiform, or a staple outfit that will allow them to get many jobs done.  If you haven’t yet try to elevate it just a bit.  This will make you feel so much better when you are doing the million errands that is on your plate. No reason you shouldn’t be fashionable  while taking on the world!

Happy Styling!