Dress: NY and Company  Bra: Wacoal Shoes: BCBG (sold out, similar here| Purse: Kate Spade   Earrings: Charming Charlie | Bracelet: Charming Charlie  | I bought both of my Charming Charlie pieces during their 60% off sale, so they are no longer in stock.  I  got both for under $10! I linked similar styles
The perfect off the shoulder dress for summer time. Turquoise is always a summer staple color, and then to add to this light and airy off shoulder look will be your summer go to.  
Let me be honest about off shoulder dresses…I just recently started wearing them.  I stayed away from anything that required a strapless bra. Crazy I know! LOL I haven’t had a good history with the fit strapless bras.  And its not because I am just very busty, because that is definitely not the case. Ha! Whenever I would put one on I dealt with my bra continuously sliding down. And would create this not so desired double breast look in pics. Ugh! I did not like how they shaped me, and never felt comfortable in them. Or if I didn’t have a strapless bra I would do the dreaded bra strap tuck, which will rarely ever have a good outcome.
I decided to give them another shot this past Spring because there was a deal on a dress I could not pass up on! There are too many cute dresses and rompers in the summer that are off the shoulder not to give them another chance. Case and point I got this dress while it was on sale for $20 dollars! I have been living in some form of strapless lately. 
If you’ve had the same issues as me with strapless bra’s consider the following:
1. Take your time and go bra shopping.  This was something that I had been avoiding.  I am an online shopper and RARELY go to the mall. So this required me to pack up the kids and head to the stores. It’s worth the trip.  Find one that works for your set. 🙂 Picking the perfect size is crucial for the fit. 
2. Don’t skimp on the price.  Now I am not saying go out there and get the most expensive bra Victoria’s Secret has to offer.  And I am not even say go there, but I am saying find a quality bra that will support you the entire time wearing it.  Some women have the luxury to ditch a bra completely and don’t have to wear one. Well two breast fed kids later, that AIN’T ME! HAHA! I need my support. So I had to find one that actually supported me, and wouldn’t lose shape.  I did have to pay a bit more for that.  Consider going to VS, Nordstrom, or Jcpenneys.  I’ve know people to get some great ones from TJ Max too, I am not a fan of that store but definitely worth checking out for a deal! 
3.  Style and color matters! If you are wanting a versatile bra and not just a strapless pick up a convertible bra instead, that can be worn as a strapless when need it.  These are sometimes more expensive but worth it if you have a need to wear a dress many different ways.  If you are looking to have a strapless that works with all your summer garments, consider picking a neutral color. The last thing you want is to be wearing your favorite white strapless dress and your pictures showing your hot pink bra. Yikes! Oh and make sure your strapless has the rubber in the inside.  It will help keep the bra up all night.
The moral of the story is don’t let your bra run you away from wearing off the shoulder looks.  I have been hooked on them ever since finding the best bra. I purchased mine from Nordstrom and it is full coverage, and very comfortable. There are too many cute summer tops not to wear an off the shoulder look.
One more random thought…to add a little glow to your off the shoulder look add some bronzer to your shoulders and neckline.  It adds a nice summer glow!  Whether it is a top, romper, or dress make sure to start wearing off the shoulder looks!

Happy styling!