Sports moms know that a day out on the fields can be a long one. Whether it’s a soccer, football, or baseball tournament, you’re in for a few hours outside. As a mom of five, I’ve attended my fair share of sporting events. I couldn’t even tell you how many days I’ve spent at my kids’ games. The bright side of being a veteran sports mom is knowing how to prepare for those long days, especially in the middle of a hot summer. 

A key item for these long sports days is my wagon. I can’t go to a tournament without it! Most wagons can cost hundreds of dollars, but I recently found one at Walmart for $90, and I’m a big fan! It holds everything my family and I need for the day, and I can comfortably fit my kids in there as well. Here is everything I have in my sports wagon.

My Wagon Essentials

Collapsible Wagon: This is my new $90 wagon!

Water Mist Fan: These fans are great for keeping yourself and the kids refreshed.

Rechargeable Clip Fan: Clipping this fan to the side of the wagon keeps the kids cool while they’re in it.

Kids Spill Proof Tumblers: I never go anywhere without these cups! They have been a game changer, minimizing spill accidents.

Roller Cooler: I have the backpack version but needed a roller cooler as well. This one is not only aesthetic but also very functional!

Cooling Towels: These towels are essential on a hot summer day. Put them on your face or around your neck, and you’ll instantly cool off.

Emergency Disposable Urinal Bags: Bathrooms can be tricky when we’re out, so I always keep these on hand to avoid any accidents.

SPF 50 Mineral Stick: We apply and reapply sunscreen anytime we are out! Use code: TARYNNEWTON for 10% off.

Baseball Blanket: Having a blanket in our wagon is great for extra cushioning or in case anyone needs to take a nap.

Snack Spinner: My kids love their snacks! I fill this up every time we go out anywhere.

Mesh Bags: I got this pack of 18 mesh bags from Amazon, and I use them all the time! They are perfect for storing more snacks or extra clothes for my kids.

Antibacterial Hand Wipes: I am constantly sanitizing our kids’ hands or what we are touching.

Trash Can: These trash cans have been so helpful for keeping things tidy in the wagon.

Sports Mom Bag: This has been my absolute favorite sports mom bag! It can carry so much and is super easy to clean!

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