Top: Old Navy | Pants: Old Navy Shoes: BCBG (sold out) almost exact here | Earrings: Bauble Bar Bracelet: J.Crew Ring: Bauble Bar | Watch: Michael Kors | Purse: BP

The seasonal weather transition is coming!  While this time of year means I am one step closer to my favorite season it is still a battle. I am always in my closet scratching my head, wondering what I should wear.  I swear I add about 15 minutes struggling trying to put something on that doesn’t appear to summer-like but not as if I am ready to take on the brisk air.  I have started getting different pieces that will be appropriate during this awkward weather stage. 

I have been in Texas for almost 2 years now and still adjusting to the weather here, so it’s even harder trying to figure out this transitional period.  There are a few things that make me miss Michigan, and one of them is definitely being able to experience all 4 seasons.  With the major climate change, I’ve had to adapt my wardrobe quickly. It is a work in process, but I am still trying to figure out this Texas weather.

There are a few styling concepts that help me get through these unpredictable weather transitional periods. 

Layering is key: I’ve found that really applies all year round in Texas.  I swear I can leave out in the morning and it be freezing, by midday I am sweating, and then by night needing a light jacket. Make sure to grab some cardigans.  These are great to go over patterned tanks or sleeveless dresses! Target always has nice cardigans for a great price. 

Keep the colors light:  Are you already wanting to pull out those long sleeves and jeans, but not trying to look like you are dressing for mid-October.  Consider finding light and neutral colors for those long sleeves and pants.  It won’t look as out of place when you are wearing them in August/September. This look I’ve done exactly that.  I’m wearing a light and bright patterned top, and paired it with soft pink jeans.  (that are so comfy by the way!) Yes, it is a long sleeve top but the colors are still season appropriate, and the material is not heavy. Pairing them with my pink jeans instantly keeps from diving into Fall to early.  I’ve added quite a bit of long sleeve tops with airy fabric, which will be perfect for this time of year.

Booties: Part of the many reasons I love Fall is because I am slightly obsessed with boots and booties! However, it would look quite odd coming through in full on riding boots in this weather. BUT, there is a way I can get my booties and still be dressed appropriately. Consider purchasing some open toe booties.  They are perfect with some distressed denim and can easily be dressed up or down. SN: While, I have gotten away from wearing Uggs a lot these days in Texas.  I wanted to make a PSA…please ladies I know you love your Uggs, but just hold off wearing them until it is actually cold out.  I am sure your feet are suffering and sweaty, so just get some booties if you are impatiently waiting on boot season.

Accessories: Start picking up some neutral pieces that will look great through end of summer all the way until winter.  I love this new purse, and the fact that it was less than $32 was an extra bonus! You need to snag this purse before the price goes up once Nordstrom Anniversary sale is over! SN: For items that are not my staple pieces I always try to find a great deal! It’s a blueish gray color that I will be able to pair with denim, neutrals, and blues. Neutral and versatile accessories area great pillar to have to your wardrobe as you transition into wearing different hues.  Neutrals will be able to match with your summer clothes you are still wearing, all the way through your sweater season.

Crop it: I am not going to lie, I am somewhat over shorts.  I know that I can’t wear jeans right now due to the warmer temps.  A great alternative for me has been wearing more crops length pants.  Perfect length for the temp and still allows you to wear sandals with out looking too much in summer mode.

There are definitely no rules in styling what works for you.  Seasons don’t solely dictate what colors I wear.  However, with every season I thoroughly enjoy the fashion that it brings. I try to revamp my wardrobe appropriately and switch out my colors. Soon I will be wearing more olive, burgundy, and of course black. I cannot wait! While we are in this transition focus on versatile pieces that can keep you comfortable in any temperature.   

Happy Styling!