Top: NY & Company (sadly sold out, similar here| Pants: Fashion Nova | Shoes: Boohoo(sold out) similar here and here | Earrings: Bauble Bar Bracelet: Bauble Bar, J.Crew and Charming Charlie Ring: Bauble Bar | Watch: Michael Kors | Purse: Charming Charlie

Summer is nearing it’s end and I am soaking up as much time in bright clothes as possible! While I don’t follow any rules on what to wear and when.  However, Fall is my favorite season and I happily embrace all the earth tones that come along with it. 

In the meantime let’s enjoy these summer hues! Want to incorporate more colors? Grab a bright top or pants to make that statement.  I get it sometimes you don’t want to be like a highlighter and be super bright.  Here are some simple ways to get out of the those drab colors without it being a major piece in your outfit. 

Statement Heels: Grab some bright heels and have them be your staple piece in your outfit.

Add some hair color: Feeling like your look needs a face lift? Consider adding some color to your hair! I recently added some deep red highlights in my hair.  I haven’t ever been a brown girl, there is something about red I have always been drawn too. So I decided to be daring and add some color to my look. Red is also nice as transition to Fall. Let me just say this disclaimer…Please make sure you have a stylist that is trained in color.  If not, your hair could pay a serious price.

Subtle Brightness: Wanting to be more subtle with your color, but still want a pop? Add some colorful accessories! Grab a hot pink clutch or statement earrings!

Make those lips pop:  I love wearing a hot pink or bright red lip! It took me a while to feel comfortable wearing a statement lip.  For me it will complete an outfit, and it a fun way to jazz up your look.  Some favorite shades I use quite a bit are Ruby Woo (Classic!) and Candy Yum Yum

Blaze it up: Blazers are an easy way to add a pop of color.  If you are wearing a black romper or dress, consider adding a bright blazer to give your outfit some flair.  I’ve gotten some great ones from Zara, H&M, and Agaci. 

Don’t forget the nails: I always get excited whenever I go to the nail salon, and picking out my new color.  I am normally pretty boring with my shade.  I always want to pick Midnight in Moscow (it’s my ultimate favorite).  However, in the warmer months I know I need to break out and do something different.  Lately, I have been into Fuchsia, but really just grab any bright color and have fun!

I know it is easy to grab that classic black dress or shoes you always wear.  But step outside the box a bit.  I used to wear the same colors.  Now I will look at my wardrobe and see what color I have least and will try to build more of that color.  It’s fun and I like changing it up.  I wear just about every color.  The only color that I don’t wear often is purple, for whatever reason I have never been a major fan. 

My ultimate favorite color which is pretty evident is YELLOW! If I could wear yellow every day I would.  Doing bright colors may be risky for you, so ease into it by trying these simple ways to add some color flair.  

Happy Styling!


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