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After breaking the devastating news regarding our home, we were overwhelmed with the amount of support we received.  So many of you gave us encouragement and support, it helped us so much in this tough time.  If you haven’t had an opportunity to hear about the latest update you can check it out on my last blog or YouTube video.

It’s was important for us to share, because this is life.  You are often knocked down, forced to pick yourself up and move forward.  God’s plan is always greater.  While I can’t say this is the news we wanted to hear we know there was an initial reason we were brought through this, and at the end we will have the victory.

We are under contract with another builder and our new home will completed with 6-8 months.  Until then we are renting a home in the area.  As a quick recap the home we are now building is a home that we almost went under contract for prior to building the home that we lost.  We loved the house but was a bit more than we wanted and at the time the lots the builder had available we didn’t love.  Now the builder is on a new phase of the neighborhood and we are excited to be moving forward.

Naturally, once I shared the news so many of you had questions regarding the house we lost along with questions on whats to come.  To make it easy I shared a Q&A box on my Instagram stories.  We are answering them all in our latest Youtube video!

Make sure to subscribe as we will do the model home tour on our channel.  Or if you prefer reading, I shared some of the most frequently asked questions.

Our Home Building Experience Q & A

Q: Will we be getting our money back from our last builder?

A: At this point their position is no…We are exploring additional options to see if there is any way we can get the funds back. It is upsetting but we are doing everything on our end to see if we can.  Reason 1,000 why we would never recommend this builder to anyone.

Q: Will we share a new builder or past builder?

A: We don’t typically like sharing our builders.  The reason why is we want to be able to talk freely on our build process.  Every build process is different and don’t want to skew anyone based on our particular experience.  We feel every builder should have a fair shot and not have a tainted view based on us.

Q: How long will our next build be?

A: 6-8 months.

Q: Is the floor plan similar to the last layout?

A: No, since this is a different builder it is a completely different look and feel, which we are happy about.

Q: What changes to the layout are you most looking forward to with this new build?

A: Hands down we love the floor plan of the build #2 more than the first one.  Every space is bigger.  Taller ceilings, rooms are bigger.  Some of my favorites are that I get a larger closet, I get a bigger office space, Rick’s study is larger, I love the ceilings in the family room more, larger outdoor living space, also we get 1 additional bath.

Q: Is it weird being in the same neighborhood as the last home?

A: No not for us.  We are moving on from the home and not going to let it rain on our parade.  Especially because we are building a home that we love, so we won’t be looking back.

Q: What will this loan process look like for us?

A: We are going with a conventional mortgage.  This time around we are going with the builder’s lender as we have been educated that once you go with the builder’s lender it will reduce the issues of your loan falling out.  And if there are issues you don’t have to worry about your home being sold.

Q: Is your new home larger than the last one?

A: Just a little bit bigger, but has a better layout flow.

Q: Am I sticking with the same design selections this time around?

A: Yes and no.  Of course going through this process we learned so much.  Even before the loss of the home there were things that we wanted to change.  Yes, I will be keeping the general same aesthetic white cabinetry, gold hardware.  However, I do want to get a bit jazzier with some of my selections.  Explore different fireplace designs and back splash. Also, with this being a different builder they will have some differences in standards and offerings, so we are open to see the differences.

Q: Will you share pictures of the new home?

A: Of course! when we visit there we will do a mini tour and share some pictures.

We got under contract almost a week ago, and it feels great! we are excited about sharing our new home process.  We are also excited about the structural upgrades we went with.  We truly decided to get everything we wanted this time around (within reason).  Last time we somewhat regretted not getting an outdoor fireplace and this time we did it.  We chose more beams on the ceiling in the family room and study. There are just many aspects we are excited about.

Never in our wildest years would we have ever anticipated the home we have built would be taken away from us due to COVID-19 financial market affects.  However, we bounced back and ready to move forward and leave that season behind us.

We had so many learning lessons this time around.  It is important that we keep it in perspective that not so great things can happen in life.  And you can make a choice to let it define you can defeat you. OR you can make a choice to bounce back and come back better than before.

I am grateful for my community and so glad I shared this hardship, because now I have a huge support system of people that are rooting us on for this new build.  We are excited to share this next chapter with everything!

Have you built a house before?  What was your home building experience like?  Let me know in a comment below!



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  1. I’m so excited to follow your new build! Very sorry how things worked out last time, it can’t wait to see this one and all the things you will do differently knowing what you do now!

    We purchased land, and are planning to start our build in about 2 years, so I’m trying to learn as much as I can and get ideas now. So excited to follow along with you!!

  2. Yes to the bigger closet! I’m here for that lol. I love an open floor plan, especially with a baby!

    Kaitlyn @ Oh, the Places We’ll Go!