I am still trying to adjust to being a mom of three.  There have been many sleepless nights, and running on fumes.  Each of my boys are in a different stage of life, so each one requires a different type of energy from me.  Cameron is on his way to be a preteen (working on him being more responsible), Calvin is my bossy toddler, and then Cyrus my newborn.  Trying to meet the needs to each child will take time to master.  Though sleep deprived I am loving every moment of being with my children.

We learned from the previous two what baby items were necessities and which ones to pass up on.  With me being much busier now a mom of 3.  It has been life saving having all the essentials for Cyrus to help with the demands of having a newborn.  I wish it didn’t take us 3 times to learn the best essentials for a newborn. 
I wanted to share some of top items that has helped us since Cyrus has arrived. 
Boppy lounger and Nursing pillow


Many of you probably are familiar with the Boppy Nursing pillow, so I won’t go into much detail on this other than it has been great for breastfeeding.  However, this time around we also purchased the newborn lounger Boppy.  This has been what we put Cyrus in 75% of the time.  I feel it cradles him perfectly and allows me to tend to the other boys. It was really affordable and definitely recommend it.
 Arm’s Reach Bassinet 

This is honestly the first time we’ve had a bassinet.  Previously we never felt it was necessary due to spacing. Our bedroom now has plenty of space for a bassinet.  It was somewhat difficult to find the best one for us, many of the bassinet styles looked so dated.  I came across the Arm’s Reach bassinet and loved it.  One of the biggest selling points for me was that it extends to the height of our bed.  We have a really high bed, it extends to the same level so I don’t have to bend down whenever I need to pick Cyrus up. 
Chicco Urban Stroller

I wanted a more modern looking stroller that would last.  Both of the older boys are in sports so I need reliable stroller that will be durable taking in/out of the car to attend all their activities.  At the same time I wasn’t ok with spending over a $1000 for a stroller. I just couldn’t do it. When I came across the Chicco Urban stroller it was the perfect balance of new trendy design, but affordable.  It converts to many different positions and also allows you to switch to the bassinet converter, and under $500. 
Ergo 360 Baby Carrier 

Having 3 kids this has made multi-tasking a necessity.  Especially since each of my boys are in different stages of life.  Needless to say having a baby carrier has been a necessity.  One of my friends rant and raved about the Ergo baby carrier, since I explained I didn’t love wraps. I like the idea of wraps, but it never seemed like I could throw it on and off fast.  It is a little pricier but very worth it if you are always on the go. 
Sound Oasis Sound Therapy Machine

Although small, but don’t underestimate the importance of this machine. It has multiple different sound settings, the option we use is white noise.  We started using it and notice that Cyrus sleeps more sound, and less wiggly in his sleep.  Now we have no definitive scientific proof this helps, but it seems to calm him more.  At this point we are doing anything that will help us get a couple extra hours of rest. 
Vtech Dual Baby Monitor 

This is actually the first time we have needed a baby monitor.  Our homes we much smaller and didn’t really warrant buying a monitor.  It was crucial this time around as our master is on the first floor and Cyrus’s on the second.  An added bonus was the duel monitor, so it allowed us to put a camera in Calvin’s room.  Calvin has a tendency to destroy his too when he should be napping.  One of the features I love is you can talk in the monitor, and we are constantly yelling “Calvin get back in bed!” The picture quality is pretty good, and has night vision.  It has definitely given me a peace of mind. 
Of course there are many other essentials that are getting us through these first couple months. Below are a few other of my most frequently used items.


You would think that after 3 kids we’d be experts, but we still aren’t.  Cyrus still has us running around in circles like crazy people like it is our first time.  Even with having all the gear in the world, it still will be an adjustment to having a new little one.  Yes, being prepared with gear is helpful but there will still be hurdles to overcome.  
Every day I am learning ways to get a better routine and figure out how to care for my baby. I make a To-Do list each morning and some days I can get through the entire list, and some days not.  I think its important to give yourself grace as you are adjusting to having a newborn. 
It’s ok if things aren’t done perfectly the way you thought they would, and remembering that is the best way to get through those tough sleep deprived days. 
A random side note, one of the most valuable things for me during this adjustment is to be in communication with other moms.  It has been therapeutic to have a sounding board when you need to vent, have crazy mom questions, or to get advice.  My bff helped me get a sore nipple remedy that was priceless. There is nothing like having a great group of mothers to discuss those random mom talks.  
Lastly, I have been living in jogger sets and comfortable clothes since Cyrus has arrived. I can’t recommend enough that you should purchase sets like this to make it through those first 6 months.  There are many days where I want to get dress for the day, but still be comfy.   Or sometimes we have been having friends stop by where I have to look halfway decent. 
These products are what works for our baby, and hopefully some of these will help you or someone you know too!