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I am almost positive every woman has gone through a transition stage when you aren’t at your desired weight.  Whether it be due to having a baby, gaining freshman 15, or simply just let your weight get away from you.  Well, I’m there! Cyrus is 2 months and I have quite a journey to get back to my pre-baby weight. I’ve accepted and embraced that I just had a human, so I know my body will take time to return back to its original shape.  Nevertheless, I have places to go and people to see, and must find  clothes that I feel comfortable in. 

So what to wear during your transition weight? I have never been the type to try to squeeze into something my weight has no business fitting into.  There are so many cute options out that can match the size you are in.  Its all about styling the right pieces.
My life right now doesn’t consist of too much action. However, I do need outfits for church, errands, and our occasional date day.
I wanted to share a few different styles I have been living in lately.  Hopefully, if you find yourself in a transition weight you will consider these options.
Flowy dresses – I have been gravitating to anything flowy lately.  It’s comfortable and I don’t have to worry about sucking anything in.  I haven’t been wearing Spanx since having the baby (letting it all hang out lol) but loose fitted dresses conceal easier slimming garments. Added bonus if its black, which is even more slimming.  

Ponchos or Capes – I’ve picked up multiple styles of ponchos, especially since the weather has been cooler. Not only does this conceal your weight, but for me being a nursing mom it is easy to breastfeed. My only word of advice is sometimes if the poncho has thick material it could make you look wider than what you are.  I always look for a thinner poncho, last thing I need is to look 2 sizes bigger.  Wear a poncho with leggings that are tighter so it balances out the loose fitted top.  


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Vests – Layering has been my friend during this transition.  Whenever I wear vests with a top, it takes acts a barricade from the mid section/love handles. With this Texas weather not being able to make up it’s mind.  I’ve been throwing on a vest almost daily when I am running errands. 

Athleisure – Truthfully, this is what I am in about 75% of the time being a new mommy of 3. Who wants to be wearing jeans all the time shortly after having a baby? Not me! Athleisure is cute and comfy at the same time. I stocked up on matching sets before Cyrus got here!
Another honorable mention for me is peplum.  If I go out or need to be a little bit dressier I will likely choose a peplum top! 
Embrace your transition season.  I have started to workout, but still embracing the fact that I just took 10 months to create a human. It was tough on my body, and I know I will get back to my ideal weight.  Until then I am wearing some of my transition styles, and slowly but surely losing weight. Love yourself through every season, and just find clothing options that meets you where you are! 


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