5 Ways To Incorporate Navy This Fall

I make no secret that Navy is one of my favorite colors.  It is the foundation for our home decor, our major rooms have the Navy and Gold theme.  To give you an idea of how much I love Navy I recently even got a new Navy truck. I know it’s a bit much, but I just love this color. There is something so timeless and classy to Navy.
Have you tried to incorporate Navy in your home decor and/or wardrobe? If not, it is time to start.  Fall is on the brink and this is a perfect color to add to your life!



Throw Pillows – Add some class to your living room by doing some accent colors of Navy.  I believe it give such an elegant flair.

 Accent Chairs – Navy is such a bold color, so if you aren’t careful it can suck up a room or darken it.  Whenever I put a Navy piece in my home I try to think about the lighting in my home. I only put larger Navy pieces in rooms that will get plenty of light.  
I got decided to make my Navy blue accent chairs the statement piece for our living room.
Jewelry and Handbags – If you aren’t ready to add Navy to your clothing, consider incorporating Navy with your accessories.  Try my Navy handbag, I wear it would all hues of blue, plus will tie this in with my neutrals.
Paint job – I know this may not be for the person that wants a hint of Navy, but if you are ready to dive deep into Navy consider painting a room or even wall Navy.  I chose to do our entire formal Dining room in Navy. I feel it really adds to the room. Especially since this is the only bold color we have on our wall. We have both an informal and formal dining so I feel it sets the formal apart from the informal.  
Navy Top – There are so many options for cute Navy pieces to add to your wardrobe.  Wondering what item to add to your closet first? Simply start a classic Navy top.  Mine pictured is actually a bodysuit that I snagged for $14! Perfect to dress up for date night or casual it down.  
I also love a great navy swing dress that is perfect for running errands.
These great ways to incorporate Navy into your life. While Navy may not be your favorite color quite yet, it is such a trendy color right now, but still timeless so it won’t ever go out of season! What Navy piece will you try for fall?

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