Romper: Charming Charlie Shoes: Steve Madden | Earrings: Nordstrom Bracelet Charming Charlie and more | Necklace: Charming Charlie Ring: Bauble Bar Watch: Michael Kors | Purse: Charming Charlie

It is clear that I love styling myself and family. That is part of the reason that I started blogging! Blogging has been such an awesome outlet for me, as my life can be pretty centered around being mom and wife.  I have received so much support since I starting this blog, and already have grown such an engage dgroup of readers.  With having so many new readers I wanted to take the time to point out 10 fashion tips that mold my personal style.  My hope is that you will learn more of who I am, and what crazy lady you are following! ha! 

Taryn’s Style Tips

1. Rompers are a women best friend: If you do not wear rompers you are missing out! Rompers are one of the most versatile items you can have in your closet.  After shoes I would go as far and say Rompers are one of my favorite items.  You can dress them up, down, and in between.  If you are tired of that old romper, throw a blazer over it, switch the accessories, and keep it moving! 

2. Leopard is considered a neutral: I have a serious love leopard as I have made clear many times.  If you are unfamiliar it started with my mom.  I blame her.  Leopard is her favorite, she wears it almost everyday and it consumes her home.  No really it does, she has a leopard bathroom, leopard furniture, office supplies.  Over the top! So it was natural that the love got passed down to me. haha! I denied it for a while, but decided to embrace, and I am glad I did. Leopard goes with so much, and can be the perfect pop to jazz up an outfit.  With Leopard the biggest tip I have is sometimes less is really more with Leopard.  I typically pick one piece of leopard on an outfit and will keep everything else subtle.  You don’t want to be looking like you signed up to be the next Cheetah girl.  Keep it simple.  Not ready to make the dive and wear leopard clothing, accessorize with leopard.  I’ve done that with this leopard bag, and kept the rest of my outfit rather simple. 

3. Closet purging is vital: If you love clothing and shopping it is easy to get over run with you large clothing collection.  Seasonally set time aside to clean out your closet! Donate clothes or if it is a particular item with serious value sell it! I am the queen of hoping on Ebay to sell a purse that is dated to me, but someone else may love. Purging your closet allows you to know what is in your closet, and assess put new outfits together.  Don’t miss awesome outfits in your closets that are hidden behind clothes from 5 years ago!

4.  Sometimes too many accessories is overkill: No, I am not crazy for saying this.  It is true! For the longest I was running out and buying new accessories anytime I needed an outfit grabbing the most cost efficient item H&M had.  And while I do still occasionally get my jewelry from H&M I am more thoughtful on what jewelry pieces I purchase.  Honestly, I had so much costume jewelry that half the time I wouldn’t even remember what I owned.  And sometimes even went out an bought a similar item.  Lately I have been committing to growing my accessory collection with quality pieces, and following the principle less is more.  If you invest in some of your jewelry items, you may find that you will save more money instead of every weekend running out to buy a new necklace.  You always will get piece that last a long time. I can’t tell you how many times I have thrown away a broken necklaces.

5. Stock up on a makeup palette for the every day woman: So I am not a makeup artist, and I do not know how to “beat a face” as the makeup artists say.  I wish I did, because I would be walking around looking flawless every day!! I seriously will watch Youtube videos on how to fill in my eyebrows, but I always feel like I end up looking like Bert from Sesame Street. Ugh! However, I realized that I needed makeup that could allow me to do basic looks and many different styles.  A few make up items that I can’t go without, and I strongly recommend if you just need the basics.  Naked Eye Palette! It has like 10 different eye colors, and perfect for warm looks.  This palette allows me to stay in my lane and achieve many different eye looks. I use this palette almost daily. Next major items I can’t go with our are a neutral lipstick (Hug me by Mac is a personal favorite) and bronzer.  Throw a little eye liner in that equation and that gets this busy mom looking like I applied some effort. 

6. High and Low: I use this method when putting together my outfits.  I will mix a higher price item with a cost efficient item all the time.  I think it balances out your look, and elevates your outfit.  I may pair a nicer handbag with a clearance rack at Target.  For me, this is how I save money but still have outfits that look like a million bucks. Make this concept your own, and it can be any price point that is relative to your budget. 

7. It is ok to step outside of the mom zone:  I feel so many times I put myself in this box with fashion that keeps me from wearing certain things.  Often I will say well I’m a mom, I can’t wear that.  I will then put myself in check and say I am 29 and fabulous, I’m wearing that LBD or hot pants.!It is ok to glam it up, and show yourself you still go it.  I have to remind myself to put those mom jeans away sometimes, and live a little. 

8. Black Jeans are a must:  If you don’t own black jeans or a nice black pants, run out and grab one today!  For me this is such a staple for my outfits at night.  It is so easy to put an outfit together for a night out based around black pants.  You can pair it with a colorful blouse, bodysuit, blazer, the list goes on.  Whenever I am having one of those days I don’t know what to wear for date night that is a go to for me.  Just make sure you keep a rotation of them, faded black jeans is not a good look. Black pants dress up the outfit, but very versatile for different looks.

9. Switch the colors around:  For the longest I always wore black for almost everything (or if my weight was up!)  Which I still love black, don’t get me wrong! However, I have opened the door to try to colors in my wardrobe, and it has allowed me to try a lot of different styles. Don’t be afraid to try a new color that you never wear! It will freshen up your wardrobe, and give you a new sense of confidence. 

10. Get your staple shoes: I stand firm on this that whatever shoe is a pillar in your closet, invest in them.  It will save you the headache from going out to grab new ones regularly.  Actually this really applies to any outfit piece.  Find what makes your wardrobe tick, and consider investing in some nice pieces.  I’ve found investing in nice shoes (because I love them), allows me to not have to buy more of the same as frequently, and they are more comfortable. For me shoes are a major staple in my wardrobe, and I like quality shoes. 

Extra: Being a full-time working mom and wife requires so much of my time.  It is hard to always be able to put yourself together and take on the world.  Find easy attainable makeup and fashion looks that don’t require a lot of energy, but still make you look amazing. 

These are just my style tips that mold me, there are definitely more but these are my standouts. Once I learned my style preferences is when I feel my style elevated.  I knew what looked good on me, and what did not. I learned what my closest was lacking and also what I really didn’t need to purchase.  All the above items brought my styling together.  This will be different for every woman, but take the time to learn YOUR style.  I promise once you do, you will seriously wonder what you were doing before! Be the best version of you!.

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Happy Styling!